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Monitronics Home Security offers the best equipment and service in the industry. They also offer installation that is as simple as windows or doors - or as advanced as motion detectors and surveillance cameras. Additionally, they offer 24 hour home monitoring service to ensure complete protection. Safety will be a concern of the past with this service on your side.


  • Peace Of Mind
  • There is remote access monitoring that allows you to feel safe that your home is in good hands while you’re not there.

  • Video Surveillance
  • They can offer video surveillance so that you can monitor everything that happens in and outside of your home without actually having to be there.


  • Reinstall When You Move
  • If you happen to move, you will have to reinstall a new monitoring system into your new home. The old one will be deactivated at the old home – but, the new home owners can activate it to continue the service there.

  • False Alarms
  • If you’re not familiar with your system, or forgot your password - there can be a false alarm. Thus, if the police come, they might charge you a fee since it was a false alarm.


  • Free Equipment And Installing
  • The equipment and installation of equipment is free. So, there are no worries about paying a high price for the equipment. Also, if you move, the new house’s equipment will be free.

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • It will alarm you when carbon monoxide is present in the air and if there is a fire. Although a standard smoke detector does this, it helps to have one connected to 24 hour surveillance, so that the police know about it.


Monitronics Home Security will put your mind at ease knowing you are being protected by the best home security system. Additionally, monitronics monitor every aspect of your home and make sure no one tries to break in or rob you.

How It Works

Monitronics installs a monitoring system that monitors the doors and windows. If anyone tries to come in, or breaks the glass - the alarm will sound. This will alert you and the police of a possible burglary.

How it's Different from Competitors

Monitronics is similar to its competitors, since it monitors the windows and doors just like other competitors. However, it also can monitor smoke levels and carbon monoxide levels. The price range is what really stands out, including the free installation and equipment.


  • Adt
  • This is a more affordable home monitoring system that also lets you manage your home. By using your smart phone app, you can turn the lights off and lock your doors. It also has a health monitor system that with the medical alert system, which provides medical treatment if you become injured.

  • Frontpoint Security
  • Frontpoint security allows you to watch your home from any smartphone 24 / 7. They offer a 100% risk free trial with no need to pay for return shipping. Also, they work with renters, homeowners and commercial property.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Always Arm The Alarm
  2. When you leave the house, always remember to arm the alarm so that no one can break into your home. The alarm will alert police of any suspicious activity on your property.

  3. Remember Your Password
  4. This is very important; you want to remember your password so that you don’t have any false alarms.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Equipment Free?
  • Yes, the equipment is free and the installation is, too.

  • Is There A Guarantee?
  • No, there is no money back guarantee. Once your order is placed, you are locked into the contract until it’s paid off.

  • Can You Move Your Service?
  • Yes, you can move your service to a new residency. They will install all new systems for free and your payment will continue as usual.

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