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My fun fish is a revolutionary fish tank that uses gravity to clean itself. You simply pour water into it, and the older water pours out of the spout through a hose at the bottom of the tank. This method of cleaning makes cleaning up after your fish very easy for children – and adults who are short on time. It’s ideal for one guppy, goldfish, neon tetra, or a beta fish.


  • Child Friendly
  • This product requires no heavy lifting during the cleaning process. It also filters the dirt while adding new water. My Fun Fish is compact enough to sit atop a dresser or shelf.

  • Comes With Accessories
  • This product comes with equipped with plants, river rocks and one LED white light. For a custom-looking tank, you can add glow in the dark rocks and two different color LED lights to your order ( these are not included in the original package ).


  • Small Size
  • My Fun Fish can only hold one small fish - such as a guppy, a small gold fish, a beta fish, or a neon tetra. It is roughly the size of a cool aid pitcher. Due to the limiting size, this tank is not recommended for more than one fish.

  • Requires Commitment
  • With a My Fun Fish tank, you must add new water to get rid of the old water. This requires regular maintenance on your part – something many people with tanks often forget to do. In order to keep the tank perfectly clean, you would need to do this at least every other day.


  • Starter Pet
  • It’s the perfect starter pet for a young child, since the cleanup is so easy. Once shown how to do it, children can handle the cleaning themselves. Parental supervision is still necessary – but, you can feel confident that all parts of this fun product are safe for the child to handle on their own. The technology associated with the system allows the new water to push out the older, dirtier water.

  • All In One
  • There are no extra supplies needed for this tank, unless you desire more accessories. It’s not necessary to provide a bubbler, or even use chemicals for the water. However, depending on the fish you buy, you may want to consider these supplies. Since the tank comes with a plant, some river rocks, and a LED light - it makes for a beautiful aquarium.


This is a kid-friendly tank that cleans itself when new water is added, pushing out the old, dirty water. The gravity cleaning technology allows for this method of cleaning, giving the fish a cleaner living space in a shorter amount of time. Thus, this saves time for the person cleaning, as you never need to transfer the fish during the cleaning process ( an unwanted hassle for many with fish tanks ). MY Fun Fish is ideal for small spaces, as a starter pet for children and those who are short on time.

How It Works

There is a tube that runs from the bottom of the tank to the spout. When you pour fresh water in, it pushes the dirty water through the tube - using gravity to push it up and out of the spout. This revolutionary technology makes cleaning fun and easy.

How it's Different from Competitors

The My Fun Fish tank is easy to clean. Competitor fish tanks have to be cleaned by an adult, but My Fun Fish tank can be cleaned by a child. Most competitor tanks are bigger, which allows for more than one fish. However, the other tanks take up more room.


  • Standard Fish Tank
  • The bigger the fish tank, the more fish you can have – but, there is also more cleaning required.

  • Robo Fish
  • This product includes an electronic fish that you can put in the water. There is no feeding required. You can put him in any type of tank, and the cleanup would be easy since it is not alive and does not leave a mess.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Change Water Daily
  2. Pour fresh water into the tank daily to prevent dirt and sediment from building up. This will make clean up easier and keep the water clear.

  3. Buy A Bubbler
  4. Although the ad says that there is no need for one, it’s always best to add extra oxygen for the fish. Adding this to the tank will keep the air flowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Fish Fit?
  • It is only recommended that one small fish be in the tank. If the fish breed requires companionship, choose a different type of fish.

  • How Often Do You Filter?
  • It is advisable to filter the water regularly. This can be done daily, or when it starts getting dirty. However, it’s important to note that fish do not enjoy swimming in dirty water.

  • Does It Need Chemicals?
  • No, there are no chemicals required for the tank. Simply add water and your fish of choice.


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