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Namenda XR is a once-daily slow release capsule that is meant to relieve moderate and severe Alzheimer's disease. It is available by prescription only. Thanks to this prescription medication, those who are suffering from Alzheimer's will be able to slow down their progress for much-needed improvement.


  • Slows Down Symptoms
  • Namenda XR has the ability to slow down the symptoms that are present with moderate or severe Alzheimer's disease. When the symptoms are delayed, those suffering will be able to proceed living a normal life.

  • Proven Effective
  • Multiple studies have been performed and show that Namenda XR is extremely effective when prescribed to people with moderate or severe Alzheimer's. In a clinical trial consisting of Alzheimer's patients, Namenda XR produced benefits in mental and cognitive function.


  • Prescription Only
  • Namenda XR is only available to patients if it was prescribed to them by a doctor. This means that it is often much more expensive, especially if it is not covered by the patients pre-existing health insurance.

  • Hard To Swallow
  • Namenda XR is available in capsule form. These particular capsules are rather large in size and some patients may have difficulty swallowing them.


  • Effective Ingredients
  • Namenda XR contains an array of ingredients that help delay the underlying symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. When these ingredients are consumed, they produce noticeable results in a matter of days.

  • Capsules
  • Namenda XR is available only in capsule form. If you are one who has trouble swallowing capsules, you can simply break it open and sprinkle it on your favorite foods. This will produce the same results as swallowing it whole.


People who are dealing with moderate or several Alzheimer's disease may be able to find relief with Namenda XR. This prescription medication is taken once daily to help appease some of the symptoms that come along with this condition. Multiple studies have shown that these capsules are effective.

How It Works

Namenda XR works differently compared to other medications. These slow release capsules produce benefits in regards to mental function. They also produce benefits when it comes to overall patient functioning which means that is drastically improved their way of life on a regular basis.

How it's Different from Competitors

Namenda XR is different from other prescription medications available on the market because it is effective. Many patients have tried other products but were not able to achieve the same benefits that they did with Namenda XR. This shows how powerful that it really is.


  • Aricept
  • Aricept is also a prescription medication that is used to treat mild, moderate and severe cases of Alzheimer’s disease. It comes in tablet form.

  • Exelon
  • Exelon is also used to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease but it is a skin patch not a capsule. It works to improve overall function and cognition.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Take With Water
  2. It is best to take Namenda XR with a cup of water. This will prevent any future stomach discomfort and make it much easier to swallow.

  3. Talk To Your Doctor
  4. While taking Namenda XR, talk to your doctor about it. This will allow them to monitor your progress and make any necessary recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Often Should It Be Taken?
  • Namenda XR should be taken once daily.

  • Can The Capsules Be Divided?
  • No, the Namenda XR capsules cannot be divided, crushed, or chewed.

  • What Are The Side Effects?
  • The most common side effects of Namenda XR included headache, diarrhea and dizziness.


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