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The no! No! PRO is a painless hair removal device you can use in the comfort of your own home. It removes hair fast and achieves professional results. With no! No! PRO you can go weeks without shaving. It is doctor recommended, effective and easy to use.


  • Pain Free
  • Completely painless.

  • Safe To Use
  • Unlike laser and IPL treatments, no! No! PRO does not use light, so it is safe for all types of hair and complexions.

  • Up To 5 Treatment Levels
  • Allows you to choose a comfortable and personalized treatment level.

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Allows for cord-free operation.

  • Compatible With Thermicon Tips
  • For use in curved and sensitive areas like knees, elbows, bikini line and face.

  • Long Lasting Results
  • You can forego shaving for weeks.

  • Slimmer Design
  • For a more comfortable grip.

  • Comes With A Clear Panel
  • Allows you to monitor pulse technology treating your unwanted hair.

  • Up To 35% More Energy
  • Uses more energy than previous models, so it can remove coarse and thick hair more effectively.

How It Works

The secret to it's efficiency is its patented thermodynamic wire that transmits heat to the hair. A gentle pulse of heat is conducted, enabling it to become an effective hair removal tool. It easily and gently removes hair without pulling and scraping involved. Hair is removed by gliding the device smoothly and gently. Additionally, it is designed to be user friendly, with signal lights to indicate whether you are using it correctly.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Use On Clean Skin
  2. Make sure that you clean and dry your skin completely before beginning treatment.

  3. Glide Device On Skin
  4. Do this in a steady pace and in a smooth motion across your skin without stopping. Glide it continuously towards your body or against your hair growth.

  5. Make Sure Blue Light Is Steady
  6. This indicates that you are gliding at the right pace. Do the treatment in one steady and smooth motion, while making sure that the blue light remains on during the process.

  7. Buffer Skin
  8. After finishing each section, exfoliate your skin using the buffer in a firm circular motion. This removes treated hair for a smoother and softer skin.

  9. Moisturize
  10. After buffing, moisturize you skin with non-astringent creams.

Save Money

The no! No! PRO costs less. Plus, you can do it at home and achieve professional results, therefore saving you from expensive and inconvenient trips to in-office treatments. You can give yourself the treatment as often as you want, without spending much.


  • Redness On Skin
  • In some cases, temporary redness may appear on sensitive skin, although this will fade within hours. Applying lotions can help.

  • Can’t Be Used On Some Parts
  • It can’t be used on breasts, eyebrows or genitals. This is because these areas are delicate and curvy making it difficult to assure a 100% safety.

  • May Miss Some Hair
  • Sometimes, there may be a need to go over some areas several times to remove every hair. You have to give your skin a few minutes rest after 3 to 4 passes.

  • Unpleasant Smell
  • The smell of burning hair can be unpleasant, although it lets you know that the device is working effectively. Eventually, the smell will lessen as less hair grows back after continuous treatment.


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