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The NutriBullet is a food pulverizer and nutrient extractor. It is able to extract essential nutrients such as vitamins and fiber from healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts as it breaks them down. The machine will even break down seeds, stems, and skins, which is where the bulk of the nutrients are often found. It contains a 600-watt motor and blades that revolve 10,000 times per minute.

How It Works

The sheer power of the NutriBullet allows it to extract and preserve the essential nutrients contained in whatever foods you put into it. Its 600-watt motor, combined with its cyclonic action ensures that every last bit of food, including nutrient-rich skins, stems, and seeds are forced through the powerful stainless steel extractor blade. The device also comes with a stainless steel milling blade that works well when you want to break down grains, herbs, and nuts. Once you reap the benefits of the nutrients that the NutriBullet extracts, you will be much healthier, even if you only eat or drink one NutriBullet creation per day.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Select Ingredients
  2. Choose the ingredients you wish to break down and put them in the tall cup ( either chopped or whole ), along with a bit of water to aid with pulverization.

  3. Attach Blade
  4. Twist the extractor blade onto the tall cup.

  5. Connect Cup To Device
  6. Plug in the power base and pop the tall cup onto it by giving it a little twist. Once you do so, the NutriBullet will immediately start the pulverization and extraction process.

  7. Remove Cup
  8. When you feel that your ingredients have been pulverized to your satisfaction, remove the cup from the power base to stop the process.

  9. Wash Pieces
  10. Separate the tall cup from the extractor blade. You can either wash each piece in the dishwasher or just rinse them off if they aren't extremely dirty.

  11. Enjoy Your Creation
  12. Drink your treat from one of the included 18-ounce mugs, or serve it to the family using the included 24-ounce pitcher. You can even take your snack to go by attaching one of the two included resealable lids to one of your short cups.

Positive Aspects

  • Powerful Yet Compact
  • The NutriBullet offers nearly twice the power that many standard blenders offer. However, it is half the size of many of these, so it won't take up as much space in your kitchen. Its blades spin at a rate of 10,000 revolutions per minute and never need to be sharpened.

  • Promotes Health
  • The nutrients such as vitamins and fiber that the NutriBullet extracts from food contribute significantly to good health. By using the NutriBullet once per day, you will look fitter and feel better, and your body will be more resistant to disease. Consuming the essential nutrients extracted will also decrease your risk of high cholesterol and blood pressure, and contribute to the relief of joint pain.

  • Bpa-free
  • All plastic parts included with this device, including the plastic surrounding the extractor blade, the cups, and the pitcher are free of the potentially harmful chemical bpa.

  • Comes With Recipe Book
  • With the NutriBullet, you get a book full of healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

Negative Aspects

  • Only One Speed
  • While the blades of the NutriBullet move quickly and powerfully, you cannot alter the speed at which they move and complete their work.

  • Need Water
  • When pulverizing your food, you will need to add a bit of water to smoothen the breakdown process.


  • Blender
  • If you don't use the NutriBullet, you can use a standard blender, but these often just mix ingredients around instead of breaking them down. They usually don't blend stems, skins, and seeds well, and often leave big chunks of food intact. Furthermore, they are normally larger than the NutriBullet, but can't generate as much power.

  • Juicer
  • You can also use a juicer to juice fruits and vegetables, but after the juicing process, most of the essential nutrients, especially the fiber, are gone. Plus, a juicer won't break down nuts as the milling blade of the NutriBullet can.

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