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The Optigrill from t-fal is an indoor grill that ensures that your steaks, seafood, and chicken are always grilled with quality and to the level you desire. Once you place a piece of food on the grill, a beep will go off when it’s cooked to a rare level, a medium level, and finally, a well-done level. Aside from meat, the Optigrill will also grill fruits and vegetables.

How It Works

T-fal's Optigrill performs its functions due to its patented precision grilling technology. Through the use of thermostatic sensors, once you place a food item on the grill, the machine automatically senses its thickness and sets the cooking temperature accordingly. It also monitors the temperature as the item cooks, so that it can beep for you when the item has reached rare, medium, and well-done status. The lights that accompany each indicating beep are different colors, with yellow for rare, orange for medium, and red for well-done, so the visual indicator is very easy to read. When cooking, you can choose from six pre-set programs that have been designed for the effective cooking of common foods, or you can use the machine in manual mode. In manual mode, it will still sense the thickness of the food and set the correct grilling temperature in the same way.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Turn Power On
  2. Power up the Optigrill by pushing the power button on the left-hand side.

  3. Select Food
  4. Select the meat, fish, fruits, or vegetables that you'd like to grill. If you'd like to grill meat or fish that hasn't been defrosted, you'll have to push the snowflake button next to the power button.

  5. Choose A Setting
  6. Choose one of the six pre-set cooking programs, or select the manual mode as per the instructions.

  7. Place Food On Grill
  8. Place your food on the Optigrill and close the lid, so that it can begin cooking. You will be able to fit four standard-sized pieces of meet on the grill plates.

  9. Remove Meat After Beep
  10. If you want your food item cooked to a rare level, remove it after you hear the first beep with the accompanying yellow light. Alternatively, remove it when you hear the second beep and see an orange light if you desire a medium consistency. For a well-done consistency, remove the item after you hear a third beep and see the accompanying red light. Food items can be cooked at the same time, to different consistencies, if different diners have different preferences.

  11. Power Down
  12. Once you're done your cooking session, make sure you turn off the Optigrill by using the power button.

  13. Clean Plates And Drip Tray
  14. If your grill plates and drip tray aren't too dirty, feel free to wipe them off with a damp cloth. However, if they need it, you can remove them and put them in the dishwasher.

Positive Points

  • Non-stick
  • The Optigrill's grill plates are made of non-stick aluminum, so your meat won't easily get stuck to them, and it will be easy to get dirt off afterward, even if you're cleaning them manually.

  • Lots Of Space
  • The machine's grill plates are extra-large, so you can easily fit enough food needed for a family of four across them at the same time.

  • Indoor
  • Many grills are meant for outdoor use only, but this one has been designed for indoor use, so you can use it all year, in any weather.

  • Promotes Healthy Eating
  • The machine's drip tray, which is extra-large like the grill plates, catches excess greasy fat that drips from the meat so you don't end up consuming as much of it.

  • Comes With Recipes
  • The Optigrill comes with a book filled with more than 30 recipes that can be made with the machine, plus a guide to getting started with the device.

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