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The Optima Body Wrap is a weight-loss product for both women and men. It allows you to drop a few clothing sizes or drop a few inches from your waist, arms, legs, or butt within one hour. Using this body wrap is very easy, and is less expensive than getting a body wrap at a salon.

How It Works

Once you wrap the Optima Body Wrap around the area you wish to shrink down, the botanical formula within it gets to work, hydrating the body while tightening and firming it at the same time. After it does its job for 60 or more minutes, you’ll notice that you look smaller and your measurements will be smaller too.


  1. Slim Down For Special Event
  2. Perhaps you want to drop a few dress or suit sizes before a wedding, family reunion, or corporate dinner, or you just want to look better in your outfit. The Optima Body Wrap will enable you to achieve these goals.

  3. Look Good In Tight Clothing
  4. Tight clothing, such as skinny jeans, doesn’t look as good when there are bumps and bulges of fat spilling out everywhere. Fortunately, the Optima Body Wrap is able to minimize these effects, so you can look your best in stylish, form-fitting clothes.

  5. Minimize Weight Loss Problems
  6. If you’ve been eating healthy and exercising, but still can’t drop the extra pounds hanging around your problem areas, the Optima Body Wrap can give you at least temporary relief. It will do so by allowing you to look and feel as thin as you desire on occasion.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose Application Area
  2. Pick the area that you're going to use the body wrap on ( stomach, butt, legs, or arms ) and give it a good wash and dry.

  3. Unfold Wrap
  4. Open up the package containing the body wrap and unfold it.

  5. Apply Wrap
  6. You'll notice that one side of the body wrap contains lotion. Apply this side to your body, smoothing it out to ensure that it is tight against your skin.

  7. Secure Wrap
  8. If you need to, you can add elastic bandages or plastic wrap to hold the body wrap in place, or secure it in place with tight clothing.

  9. Remove Wrap
  10. After an hour ( or longer, if you choose ), remove the wrap to view the results.

Positive Points

  • Hydrates Skin
  • Weight loss can sometimes cause dehydration, but while it is shrinking you down, the ingredients in the Optima Body Wrap ensure that your skin stays hydrated.

  • Quick Results
  • While most weight-loss methods take at least days, if not weeks to work, you can shed some last-minute pounds before a special occasion by using this body wrap.

  • For Various Body Parts
  • As the Optima Body Wrap works on the arms, legs, stomach, and butt, you can buy multiple wraps and slim yourself down all over within a few hours.

  • Mainly Natural Ingredients
  • Most of the ingredients within the Optima Body Wrap, as provided on the official site, are plant-based oils or extracts.

Negative Points

  • Results Aren't Permanent
  • When you use the Optima Body Wrap, you don’t get permanent weight-loss.

  • Chemical Ingredients
  • While the body wrap contains mainly natural, plant-based ingredients, it also contains three potentially harmful chemicals. These include butylene glycol and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, possible skin irritants; plus polysorbate 20, a possible skin irritant and carcinogen.


Two users featured within the infomercial say that they lost two and three inches off their waists, respectively, during a standard usage.

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