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Orbitrim is a device that can be used to trim grass and hedges with ease. It is circular in shape and has three blades which rotate, resulting in evenly cut grass and leaves. The product is designed in such a way, along with a protective ring, that no flowers will be cut accidentally.


  • Blades
  • The blades of this device are sharp, so grass, hedges and other foliage can be easily trimmed.

  • Control
  • You can easily control this trimmer and use it to cut only where you want. There is a ring that goes around the blades. This ring lets you stay clear of flowers and other foliage you do not want to cut.

  • For All Types Of Trimming
  • Orbitrim can be used to mow your lawn and also to trim your hedges. You can also use it to groom your walkways. No matter how long and wild your lawn grass is, it can be perfectly mowed with this tool.

  • Power Source
  • It will work with any gas trimmer; no specific model is needed.

  • Even Cutting
  • The trimmer head can float over grass, ensuring that it is cut evenly.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Attach
  2. Attach this trimmer head to a gas trimmer.

  3. Switch On
  4. Turn the product on.

  5. Trim
  6. Trim your hedges or mow your lawn, as you desire.

Negative Points

  • Only Works With Gas Trimmers
  • This product will not work with an electric or battery operated trimmer. It also does not work with walk-behind or clutch-less trimmers.

  • Blades
  • With repeated use over a long period of time, the blades can become blunt. We are not told in the advertisement about the durability of the blades.

  • Trimming Movement
  • To trim grass with this trimmer head, it needs to be floated over the grass. This is different than other trimmers, which require a side-to-side motion. While this may not be a huge disadvantage, it may need some getting used to. Initially when you start to trim with this trimmer, you might miss spots because of the different movement of this trimmer. This is why it might not be very practical to use for large lawns.

  • Edging Walkways
  • Edging walkways may prove to be difficult if the grass is growing right up to the edge of your walkway. As there is a ring around the blades, you may not be able to cut the grass that is right on the edge and hence you may not get a perfect look.

Critical Advice

Orbitrim is a sharp device and hence, should be kept out of reach of children. Adults should also take care while using this product so that they do not injure themselves. When you are done using the product, detach the trimmer head, make sure it is dry and then store it in a safe place.

How it's Different from Competitors

Orbitrim is different and unique because of its circular design and protective ring. These features lets you to keep your flowers and delicate plants protected. It also does not require a string, which makes it different than a lot of the trimmers out there. Orbitrm is competitively priced as compared to the other trimming products in the market.

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