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Paint Zoom is a power paint gun for home use.


  • Advanced Spray Technology
  • Paint Zoom power sprayer uses advanced spray technology to apply even coats of paint.

  • One Coat Power Painter
  • The Paint Zoom power painter is effective enough that only one coat of paint is required to cover a surface with a suitable layer of paint.

  • One Touch Operation
  • The Paint Zoom features one touch operation, so once it has been set up properly, all that is needed is proper aim, and a pull of the trigger.

  • Lightweight
  • The Paint Zoom is lightweight and portable, so it can go just about anywhere.

  • Paint Options
  • Paint Zoom works with both latex and oil based paints, so it has multiple applications. You can paint different surfaces with different kinds of paint.

  • Multi-directional Head
  • Paint Zoom comes equipped with a spraying head that can be set to three different spray directions. When rotated, the head can spray in a vertical, a horizontal, or a diagonal pattern.


  • Makes Painting Easier
  • Since Paint Zoom applies an even coat of paint, there is not variability in surface texture caused by brushes or rollers. The smooth gliding motion required to paint a wall with the Paint Zoom is much easier than having to repeatedly stroke a wall with a roller or brush. When used correctly, there's also no need to worry about dripping or running, since the layer of paint applied is even and smooth. Paint Zoom also allows users to not have to go up and down ladders as many times, as the paint is contained in the system. This eliminates the need to come down the ladder to get more paint in a tray or on a brush.

  • Less Mess
  • Rollers, brushes and paint trays all have a mess factor associated with them. Rollers and brushes can drip in transition from tray to intended surface, making a mess which can potentially ruin a floor. Trays often get messy paint on the outside, and are susceptible to tipping, getting paint everywhere. Paint Zoom keeps the paint in the self contained system, so there's no drips or splatter, and no mess.

Save Time

Paint Zoom is a power painter for use at home, which allows users to use a power spray rather than having to use a brush or roller. The even coat applied by the Paint Zoom allows for expedient and precise painting superior to that of using a brush or roller. Painting with the Paint Zoom is much faster, and applies a much more even coat than painting by hand.

Save Money

Paint Zoom can save a lot of money for the people who are planning on painting or re-painting many or large things around the home. Having a power sprayer allows you to spend less time per project, meaning you can complete more projects in the same amount of time. The Paint Zoom costs considerably less than hiring professional painters to come in and repaint a house, and will be less costly in terms of time versus traditional methods.

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Kc | Lafayette, LA | 08 Aug 2016

I was skeptical about such an inexpensive tool and what results it would produce. No longer am I skeptical. I used the gun to paint some exterior stucco. You need to apply a great volume of paint not a high pressure when painting course surfaces like fence boards, textured ceilings and walls and stucco. I was wholly impressed with the gun. I wouldn't paint a car with it but around the house it's priceless. If it lasted for half a dozen big jobs, you could throw it away and buy another.

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