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Pastafina is the new and amazing way to make great pasta in three minutes. With this revolutionary product, people even have the option to cook up veggies, hot dogs and much more. It is quick and easy.


  • Versatile
  • Pastafina is an essential product to any kitchen, because it is extremely versatile. With this product, people can cook up a pound of delicious pasta. Furthermore, people can also cook up other dishes such as vegetables, hot dogs, and much more. Your options are endless with the Pastafina.

  • Easy
  • The Pastafina is very easy to use and everyone will be able to use it. Simply add boiling water to the container, let it cook and then serve. It is now easy as 1-2-3 to prepare all of your favorite pasta dishes.


  • Unsafe
  • After pouring the boiling water into the Pastafina container, it gets very hot to the touch. People can easily burn their hands on the container if they are not cautions. Children should not be left alone around the Pastafina.

  • Limited Amounts
  • With the Pastafina, you can only cook up a limited amount of food at a time. This may pose to be an issue when cooking for a large group of food.


  • Strainer Lid
  • With the Pastafina cooker, your will receive an easy-to-use strainer lid. When the pasta is done cooking, the lid makes it easy to strain out the boiling hot water. The strainer lid will also help minimize the risk for spills.

  • Recipe Guide
  • You’ll be able to cook up a wide variety of delicious dishes with your Pastafina thanks to the awesome recipe guide. This guide consists of many different dishes to help your maximize the use of your product. The recipe guide will also help further explain how to use the cooker for great results.


There has never been an easier way to cook pasta than with the Pastafina. This new devices gives people the amazing opportunity to cook pasta dishes in three minutes. The Pastafina can be used to cook up many different food items with impeccable results that everyone will be impressed with.

How It Works

The Pastafina is very simple and easy to use. Begin by filling the container with your food and boiling hot water. Let it cook and then use the strainer lid to get rid of the water. Your food is now ready to serve and enjoy.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Pastafina is different from other products on the market because it does not need to be placed in a microwave or oven to cook. All you need is some boiling hot water and your favorite dish.


  • Pasta Boat
  • The Pasta Boat is also an easier way to cook pasta just like the Pastafina. These products are different because the Pasta Boat is used in a microwave to produce perfect pasta every time. It cooks, drains, steams and stores.

  • Fasta Pasta
  • Fasta Pasta is a product that is used to cook pasta in the microwave. It has the ability to cook evenly without sticking to save time and energy.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use The Recipe Guide
  2. It is best to use the recipe guide that comes with the Pastafina. This recipe guide will show your how to create tons of different meals with this product.

  3. Use Hot Water
  4. It is essential to use hot water when attempting to cook with the Pastafina. You will not get desirable results if you do not use hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Dishwasher Safe?
  • Yes, the Pastafina is dishwasher safe.

  • How Much Pasta Can It Cook?
  • The Pastafina can cook one pound of pasta at a time.

  • How Long Does It Take?
  • Pastafina has the ability to cook pasta in 3 minutes.

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