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PC Matic is a computer maintenance software program that ensures your PC is running at its best. In addition to this, it also runs as a security software program, blocking potential threats. This all-in-one program is downloadable for free and can be purchased with additional features.


  • Doesn’t Slow Computer Down
  • A common problem with security programs is that they end up causing your PC’s performance to become slower. With PC Matic, your computer will function at its best while the software also takes care of any potential threats.

  • Protection Against Adware
  • Those advertising banners that are commonly displayed while a program is running are not often blocked by security software. PC Matic takes care of this making your PC perform even better.


  • Not The Best Customer Support
  • Users have complained about not being given the best customer support when they needed it. For customers who value having good support the most - this may not be the best choice out there.

  • Slow On Initial Run
  • The program may seem to run slowly the first time. This is mainly because of all the errors it detects and tries to fix during the initial run.


  • Removes Unnecessary Programs
  • Unnecessary window’s tasks, start-up programs, junk files, and other miscellaneous files are causes of a slower performing PC. PC Matic gets rid of these problems and makes your PC perform at its best.

  • Schedules Computer Maintenance
  • For busy users, remembering to perform regular computer maintenance can be difficult. Instead of leaving it to chance, PC Matic does all the scheduling - ensuring your PC is up-to-date. Software programs are also automatically updated with PC Matic.


This all-around software program provides protection from modern threats while keeping your PC performance at its best. It provides higher security, faster performance, and better reliability at an affordable price.

How It Works

PC Matic works by using a white list that only lets trusted applications run, thereby block viruses that make their way through these programs. Aside from that, the software also blocks adware -while breaching the security gaps in programs like Java and Flash.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other security programs that don’t let you know what they’ve been doing, PC Matic offers detailed reporting. It executes quietly in the background, providing real-time protection without hindering your PC’s performance.


  • Ccleaner
  • This is a free software that works on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Unlike PC Matic, it is portable - but doesn’t provide protection from viruses.

  • Bitdefender Internet Security
  • Although this software is good at removing up to 90% malware, the program has a negative effect on PC performance.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Read The System Requirements
  2. The program requires a processor of at least 1GHz, a memory of 512mb or more and at least 1GB of free space.

  3. Give It Time To Settle In
  4. Once installed, the program may act like it is slowing down your PC. Give it some time before making adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Xp Still Benefit?
  • The company has decided to continue support for XP as long as there is demand.

  • Should It Be Bought Yearly?
  • Yes. The lowest value is good for 5 installations. PC Matic Evergreen is another option that allows you to use the software indefinitely, along with any future upgrades and features.

  • Is It Compatible With Mac Os?
  • No. The website only mentions operating systems like Windows 7,8, Vista and XP.


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