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Pedi Paws Pro is the ultimate solution to trimming your dog’s nails. This product magnifies the dog’s nails by five times so that you never make a mistake. Regular dog nail clippers can leave your dog’s nails brittle. Even worse, you could slice the nail too short, which causes bleeding and a lot of pain for the dog. Since Pedi Paws Pro uses a filing system that is safe and gentle, you never have to worry about trimming too low again.


  • Never Trim Too Short
  • The Pedi Paws Pro gently files the nails of your dog down in an enclosed, translucent case. Your dog with never feel a sharp slice, as they do with nail clippers during trimming. Instead, their nails are filed down, creating a smooth finish that both you and your do will enjoy.

  • Captures The Mess
  • Regular nail clippers leave a mess everywhere. The Pedi Paws Pro captured all the nail bits that normally fall on the floor during clippings. Now, you will not need to grab the broom and dustpan for cleanup. Simply walk over to the trash and empty out all the nail clippings into your trash.


  • Not All Dogs Like It
  • Perhaps it is the bulky design or the foreign object, but not all dogs appreciate the convenience of this product. It is possible your dog might prefer the familiar old nail clipper to the clunky Pedi Paws Pro.

  • Takes Time To Master
  • Though the design is fairly simple, Pedi Paws Pro still requires some practice to master the filing technique. Your dog might need to be held a certain way. Or, you might need to train your dog to hold still during the session. Either way, the first time is usually not easy as both you and the dog adjust to something new.


  • 5 Times Magnification
  • The Pedi Paws Pro magnifies your dog’s nail up to five times, ensuring that you always see what you’re doing and are less likely to make a mistake. This also eliminates the chance that you will cut or file too deep and hurt your pet.

  • Gentle Filing
  • The filing done by the Pedi Paws Pro is gentle and quiet. It is designed to be non-invasive and delicate.


If you are sick of expensive visits to the groomer’s just to get your dog’s nail trimmed – you can just switch to Pedi Paws Pro. This product gives your dog that groomer trim without the expensive bill to go along with it. Trying to trim your dog’s nails with clippers can be a painful experience for your dog if you don’t know what you are doing. However, Pedi Paws Pro eliminates the guesswork from trimming through its magnification and filing system. Never worry about giving your dog to someone else for a trim again – you can do it all yourself painlessly with Pedi Paws Pro.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Start Slow
  2. It is best to introduce your pet to Pedi Paws Pro before trying to use it on all its nails.

  3. Give A Treat
  4. If your dog is able to sit through even small trimming sessions, reward it with a treat. This will ensure your dog knows it is behaving correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Safe?
  • Yes, Pedi Paws Pro is perfectly safe to use on dogs.

  • What About Cats?
  • The Pedi Paws Pro was not designed for cats, therefore is not recommended for use on cats.

  • Is It For All Sizes?
  • Yes, Pedi Paws Pro will work for all dogs, no matter their size.

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