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Pedi Spin is a cosmetic foot care device intended to make feet soft and smooth.


  • Stainless Steel Micro Files
  • The heads on the Pedi Spin use stainless steel micro files to remove calluses and dry, dead skin from feet. Pedi Spin can remove the roughness from feet, but is gentile enough that the micro files won't even pop a balloon.

  • Multiple Speeds
  • Pedi Spin operates on two different speeds, a low and a high. Low speed is intended for removing rough, dry skin, and the high speed is intended for callus treatment.

  • Interchangeable Heads
  • Pedi Spin comes with options for the rotating head. First, there is a buffing pad, which is used first to remove the rough parts of the foot. There is also a finishing pad, which gives feet a silky smooth finish.

  • Collector
  • There is a fair amount of material removed when removing calluses or dead skin, but Pedi Spin has a collector for this dust. After treatment, you can just open the collector compartment over the trash so you don't have to deal with the cleanup.


  • Safe
  • Pedi Spin is a safe method of callus removal for feet. The infomercial for the Pedi Spin demonstrates the effectiveness in removing calluses, but also demonstrates that the Pedi Spin is gentile enough to not pop a balloon. Working with a standard foot file can be painful if the file is misused, but Pedi Spin is harder to misuse.

  • Quick
  • The rotating head and micro files on the Pedi Spin make it a very quick and efficient method of callus removal.

  • Limited Mess
  • Due to the collecting compartment on the Pedi Spin, cleanup is generally a breeze. Most of the removed skin should be collected in the collector compartment of the Pedi Spin, and this can just be emptied over the trash.

Save Money

Dry calluses can rip stockings and destroy very thin socks, so removing calluses can save money on clothes. Other foot files can also cost as much as 40 dollars, and they are still just hand files, no rotating head, variable speeds, or finishing pad. Pedi Spin, with the processing and handling including the free gift, comes to a total of around 28 dollars, but this package is an entire foot treatment. The package includes the filing head, finishing heads to make your feet smooth, and booties infused with essential oils. You can buy a method for entire foot treatment for less than some professional callus files.

Save Time

Pedi Spin has a rotating head that makes the removal of calluses and smoothing of feet a much quicker and more efficient process. The high speed makes callus removal incredibly expedient, but the lower speed allows you to also just remove dryness with the same device. This device also allows you to treat multiple aspects of your feet. Instead of removing calluses the old fashioned way, and then having to switch tools to remove dryness, you can just reduce the speed of the Pedi Spin. Then, making your feet silky smooth is just a quick change of the head, and cleanup is a breeze.


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