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The Perfecter Fusion Styler is a heated round fusion brush that gives you a professional salon looking hair. It uses a ceramic and ionic technology that makes your hair instantly shiny and full of body. It's a dryer, curling iron and heated round brush all in one. It helps you achieve dozens of hair styles in a breeze, regardless your hair type.


  • High-quality Nylon Teeth
  • Accurately spaced soft tips that prevents tangling and burns.

  • Ion Ceramic Barrel
  • Adds shine, body and smoothness to your hair.

  • Dual Heaters
  • Makes the entire barrel heat up quickly and evenly for long-lasting results.

  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • Choose from 356 F ( low ) to 392 F (high) setting.

  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Built with an automatic shut off after one hour. To continue using, simply turn the Perfecter back on.

How It Works

The Perfector Fusion Styler works as a curling iron, flat iron and heated hair brush. Its ceramic and ionic technology gives you different amazing hairstyles without damaging your hair like regular hair styling tools do. Whether you have curly, straight, coarse, limp, long or short hair, the Perfecter will give you the hair style you want. It can transform your hair into silky straight, bouncy, curly and shiny. The Perfecter Fusion Styler also helps manage frizzy hair, create body and add volume. Just take small sections of your hair, wrap them around the Perfecter’s barrel and hold for a few seconds, and you will have long lasting salon perfect hair.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Use On Dry Hair.
  2. Make sure that your hair is dry. Don’t use Perfecter on wet hair.

  3. Plug It In.
  4. Plug it in and Choose between the high and low settings. Opt for the low setting if you have a damaged or sensitive hair.

  5. Wait For The Red Light Signal.
  6. The red light stops blinking when it's ready to use ( this will take about a minute ).

  7. Get A Small Section Of Hair.
  8. Wrap it around the barrel and let it stay for three to eight seconds. For best results, work on a small sections of hair at a time.

  9. Work On Your Bangs.
  10. Lift your bangs from the crown and angle them in you desired direction.

  11. Experiment With Hair Styles.
  12. Use the Perfecter to create sexy curls, subtle flips or simple smooth and silky styles. Find your most flattering hair styles.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike traditional curling irons, the Perfecter Fusion Styler is not made of harsh metal that will make your hair dry and damaged. Instead, its unique ionic technology will bring moisture back into your hair. It also has bristles that are cool and safe to touch while styling.

Positive Points

  • Won’t Burn Your Skin
  • The bristles and heated element don’t make contact with your skin to prevent burns.

  • Uses Ionic Technology
  • It leaves your hair silky smooth by drawing moisture from the air into the fusion brush, and infusing it into your hair.

  • Multiple Functions
  • It can be used as round brush, flat iron and curling iron.

  • Perfect For All Hair Types
  • It works on any length, texture and thickness. Works perfectly on colored hair, dry hair and even on human hair extensions.

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