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The Personal Pedi is a foot care kit that allows you to get rid of stubborn calluses right from your own home. This product scrapes away dead skin cells and helps you polish the bottom of your feet until you get sexy and smooth feet. It is easy to use and does not require additional equipment. Personal Pedi is lightweight, portable and waterproof. Thus, you can use it in the shower or even while traveling.


  • Mineral Roller
  • The Mineral roller is what scrapes those dead skin cells off of your foot. It is gentle enough not to hurt while using, but rough enough to get rid of dead skin that tends to harden around the foot. Calluses can also be removed with this roller.

  • Buffing Roller
  • Along with the mineral roller, the Personal Pedi comes with a buffing roller. This device snaps onto the Personal Pedi and helps you smooth out your foot’s skin. It is meant to be used after applying the mineral roller. Additionally, this roller not only buffs out your skin – it gives you a pleasant foot massage while doing so.


  • Lifetime Replacement
  • The Personal Pedi’s rollers each have a lifetime replacement warranty. This means you will never have to get another roller or foot care kit again. With the Personal Pedi, you will be able to have healthy looking feet for life without having to worry about replacement parts.

  • Waterproof
  • Its waterproof design allows you to make Personal Pedicures a part of your daily shower routine. Unlike other foot care systems, you will not have to worry about getting water on this device as it will not damage while in the shower or bath.


  • Limited Settings
  • This product has limited settings when it comes to massaging the feet. There is only an on or off button. Thus, if you wanted different speeds or settings, you would not be able to achieve this with the Personal Pedi. Such a monotonous setting can make your foot care routine boring over time.

  • No Dead Skin Catch
  • While using the mineral roller, you will need to have something underneath your feet to catch your dead skin cells. This device does not include any mechanisms that could help keep your pedicure area clean. Thus, you will not be able to use this around an area that you would prefer to keep free of dead skin cells.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Near Bathtub
  2. If you prefer not to use this device in the shower, use it near your bathtub instead. This way, you can comfortable sit down without making a mess all over a hard to clean area.

  3. Wash Frequently
  4. Rinse the Personal Pedi after each use to ensure you have a sanitary experience with your device every time. Do this for both your mineral and buffing rollers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Speed?
  • The Personal Pedi has a speed of 2,500 rpm. This speed helps loosen and lift dead skin cells.

  • Can You Use It On Hands?
  • Yes, you can safely use the Personal Pedi for calluses on the hands.

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Not happy with it

James Clingan | Vinton, IA | 14 Dec 2014

I bought this for my wife. She's not happy with this, not at all. It easily loses power even with light pressure.

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Great for callused feet

Amanda Adams | Washington, MO | 13 Dec 2014

I'm so happy with how quickly this takes care of my callused soles. I have used razors on them but they sometimes cut my skin and it's painful. Now, I can take care of my callused feet worry-free because this is really pain-free to use. Finally, I can have smooth feet again.

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Hmm, not quite sold on it

Charli Daniels | Helena-West Helena, AR | 12 Dec 2014

Saw this on TV and thought of giving it a go. It does what it claims on the ad but it's not strong enough especially if you have thick calluses like mine.

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It works, but...

Phoebe Cantrell | Canandaigua, NY | 11 Dec 2014

Yeah, it does the job but it takes forever to do it. Even with new batteries, it's not strong enough. You need patience when using this.

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Oh, I love this!

Heather Daniels | Carlisle, OH | 02 Dec 2014

There are tons of reasons why I love this product. First, it's very easy to use. Second, I immediately got a smooth section on the part I used it on. Third, it's very comfortable to use. Most important of all, I'll be saving money because I don't have to get regular pedicures anymore.

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