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Pet Command is the new way to train your dog – and an effective way to make sure your dog learns commands quickly. With ultrasonic sound waves, you can teach your dog new tricks without all the hassles of traditional dog training techniques. This product also has a built-in night light, allowing you to see your way in the dark at night while out with your pet.


  • Sonic Frequencies
  • Whistles can be annoying for people around you while you are attempting to train your dog. That’s why instead of using loud noises for training, this product utilizes sonic frequencies that humans cannot hear. This way, you can train your pet without aggravating those around you.

  • Doubles As A Clicker
  • As every serious dog trainer knows, clicking devices are effective ways to train dogs. The main function on this device is the sonic frequency feature. However, it doubles as a clicker – making it an all-in-one training device that is sure to help you tame your dog.


  • Doesn’t Work After 20 Feet
  • If you take your untrained dog out to a field or large dog park – be prepared to keep it close by. This device does not work passed 20 feet. Thus, it will not help you command your dog to come back to you if it decides to run wild in a large space.

  • Led Light Too Bright
  • For those that enjoy leisurely strolls at night, the led light that is featured within this device might ruin the mood with its harsh brightness. Also, it might be a nuance to those strolling around you, as its flashlight-type of brightness can be distracting.


  • Ultrasonic Sound Waves
  • You no longer need to strain your voice trying to teach your pet to sit, stay and bring you your newspaper. Instead, you press a button and give a simple command – giving your dog the proper signal to do as you wish. Since dogs’ ears are more sensitive than human hearing, they are able to pick up on the sound cues for faster training.

  • Led Light
  • With the led flashlight, you are able to walk your pet at night while training it at the same time. This feature is helpful for those that enjoy a walk during the darker hours, but still wish to train their pet in the process.


Train your dog the fast and easy way with Pet Command. A few simple clicks of a button will help you tame your dog without the need for aggressive shock collars or loud whistles. If your dog is prone to barking uncontrollably, or running off whenever there is a distraction – Pet Command can help you gain control over this bad behavior. This product comes with a free cleaning brush. It also comes with a training manual, allowing you to get started right away without the assistance of a professional dog trainer.

How It Works

Pet Command has several controls that allow you to either set a sonic frequency or activate the clicker. You can also use the led flashlight to light dark spaces for you and your dog.

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