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The Phantom Saucer is a magical illusion that is out of this world for children. It tricks the senses and fools the eyes of everyone around you. Furthermore, it goes up, down and all around to impress the audience. This incredible flying creation is sure to be a hit among people of all ages.


  • Great Entertainment Value
  • The Phantom Saucer is an outstanding magic trick that flies effortless up and down through the air. Everyone will be in awe as they proceed to watch this magical item float between your hands. People will continue to rave about this magic trick for a long time.

  • Easy To Learn
  • Anyone can use the Phantom Saucer to impress their friends and family. It does not matter their age, even kids can do it. You do not have to be a trained magician to have a blast with the phantom saucer.


  • There Are Critics
  • Of course, there are going to be those people that are not impressed by the phantom saucer. Some children might get bored of this novelty quickly.

  • Very Fragile
  • The Phantom Saucer may be magical, but it is still fragile. It is important not to be rough with it, as it has the potential to break.


  • Instructional Dvd
  • This detailed dvd titled “how’d your do that? ” thoroughly explains everything your need to know about the phantom saucer. These instructions make it easier than ever to learn a breathtaking magic kit.

  • The Phantom Saucer
  • Of course, you will get the amazing phantom saucer. This portable magic trick can be taken with you anywhere so you can do a little bit of showing off.


The Phantom Saucer is a magic trick that is sure to impress. It is a flying spacecraft that appears to work against the theories of gravity. Users can make it go up and down to impress all of their friends. An instructional dvd comes included, so people can easily pick up on the trick.

How It Works

The Phantom Saucer is a magic trick. It makes people think that they are seeing something that they are not. This makes for a fun time that mimics methods from some of the most famous magicians.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Phantom Saucer is different from competitors because anyone can do it. It does not matter how old you are, or how magically talented you are - because it is easy to learn.


  • Jawdroppers
  • Jawdroopers is a 4-dvd set that teaches normal, everyday people how to perform various magic tricks. The kit includes 6 hours of educational material. People can learn how to perform tricks with cards, coins and other everyday objects with the jawdroppers dvds.

  • Fushigi Gravity Ball
  • Similar to the phantom saucer, the gravity ball involves a magic trick that appears to float between your hands. This product is designed to mimic the act of juggling with different mind and body isolation techniques.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Your Imagination
  2. The best way to work the Phantom Saucer is to believe the magic. When you know in your mind that it will work, it will work wonders.

  3. Practice
  4. Before going off to show your friends and family your Phantom Saucer technique, you should be sure to practice first. This will allow you to perfectly master the technique for impressive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does It Work?
  • Yes, the Phantom Saucer does work. The “how’d you do that!? ” dvd explains exactly how it is done.

  • Is It Safe For Kids?
  • Yes, the Phantom Saucer is safe for kids. It has been reviewed by an independent testing facility. The product has been deemed safe for children 6 and up.

  • What Is Included?
  • Included is the Phantom Saucer disc, the “how’d you do that!? ” dvd, instruction sheer and phantom code card.

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