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The Phantom Saucer is a toy designed for school-age children that is safe for those users six years of age and up. However, teens and adults can have fun with it, too. Once you master the proper techniques, the toy will seem to float between your outstretched hands. You can make it go up and down, or spin around in a circle. It’s great for entertaining an audience!

How It Works

The official site doesn’t give away all the secrets to using the Phantom Saucer, but there’s something about having it between two hands ( without actually touching it ) that makes it do its stuff. When you order a Phantom Saucer, you’ll be able to find out exactly how to perform the tricks. You’ll be given an instruction sheet, and you’ll also be able to use the unique code provided to gain access to a tell-all video online.


  1. Birthday Parties
  2. Dazzle your friends at your birthday party by doing tricks with this device, and give each of them a try with it to make their day. The toy also makes a great gift to give a friend, sibling or cousin at their birthday party.

  3. Magic Shows
  4. With the Phantom Saucer, you can entertain your parents, friends, or classmates by putting on a magic show as if you were a real magician. They'll be completely stumped as to how you're getting that saucer to hover in midair.

  5. Solo Play
  6. If you're bored and alone, you can use the Phantom Saucer to entertain yourself for hours. Try to see how many new tricks you can try!

Positive Points

  • Small
  • The Phantom Saucer toy is small, so it can easily be carried around in a backpack or even a larger pocket. It also won't take up much space in a bedroom or playroom at home.

  • Attractive
  • The Phantom Saucer's purple and silver design makes it look very cool, and almost like a real alien saucer.

  • Easily Mastered
  • You won't have to practice for years like a professional magician does to learn how to do tricks with your Phantom Saucer. The instruction sheet and instructional video you gain access to serve as a great shortcut to mastery.

  • Free Mobile App
  • If you have a cell phone, you can download the free Phantom Saucer mobile app from itunes. All you need to do is enter the unique phantom access code that came with your product ( the same one you would use for the instructional video ).

Negative Points

  • Teachers May Dislike
  • While a teacher will likely appreciate one magic show in a classroom, they may not appreciate it if you take your Phantom Saucer out in class every day. Playing with it should be limited to recess time, or it may end up being confiscated.

  • Potentially Distracting
  • Even though you likely won't be disturbing others with the saucer in your bedroom at home, it may be distracting to you while you're trying to do homework or chores.


  • Not Safe For Smallest Kids
  • You must keep the Phantom Saucer away from very small children and babies, as during testing at an independent facility, it was deemed unsafe for those under six.

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