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Plumber’s Hero is a custom drain device that instantly drains a clogged sink within seconds. Each can has over twenty uses and fits perfectly over any drain when used with the attachments. The scent it leaves behind is orange as it pumps whatever is clogging your sink down the drain. Other tools are not needed when using Plumber’s Hero. You simply place this product on top of your drain, press and let go. As you press this device onto your drain, the contents below get pushed out of the other end - leaving you with an unclogged sink and no mess.


  • Two Rubber Attachments
  • Whether you have a large or small drain, Plumber’s Hero will work on either. This product comes with both a small and a large rubber attachment that is place on the can before using the product. These attachments ensure a secure fit around your drain so that all of the air is concentrated on the drain and unclogging its contents.

  • Toilet Handle Attachment
  • This product comes with a toilet handle attachment that helps you easily unclog your toilet. Simple attach the handle onto the can, place a rubber attachment over it and press it up against the toilet drain. Within seconds, your toilet will be ready to use again. Unlike traditional plungers, this product pushes the clogging contents down the drain instead of back up for you to clean. Thus, the unclogging process is cleaner and faster than it is with a plunger.


  • Works On Garbage Disposals
  • This product is not hindered by the presence of garbage disposals and can easily work right through them. You can place the Plumber’s Hero right on top of your drain as usual and press. All of the contents in the pipe with be pushed out, even if you have a garbage disposal.

  • 20 Uses Per Can
  • Each Plumber’s Hero can will unclog your drain up to 20 times. This means you can hold off on calling a plumber twenty times if you have one can.


  • Not For Severe Plumbing Issues
  • This product only takes care of a clogged drain - it will not fix pipes that are damaged or need additional attention. If you notice your drain getting clogged too frequently, it may be time to call a plumber. This way, you will be able to get a diagnosis on the root of your plumbing issue.

  • Limited Use
  • If you use up the twenty uses per can, you will need to purchase a new can for more uses. There is no way to refill each can.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Is It Made?
  • Plumber’s Hero is made in the United States.

  • Does It Work On Tubs?
  • Yes, the Plumber’s Hero product works on tubs, sinks, toilets and other common drains.

  • What About Slow Drains?
  • If you do not have a clogged drain but the water is slow to drain, Plumber’s Hero can help with that, too. Simply attach the proper rubber attachment, place it over the drain and press. Within seconds, your drain should be working as intended.

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Fred | Wellington, KS | 09 May 2016

Worked great. I had a slow tub drain, it always got worse after drain cleaner use. Three girls with long hair. I use product once a week and drain works very well.

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Waste of Money

Missy | North Caldwell, NJ | 31 Oct 2015

Did not work , I would not recommend this product to anyone for any clog!

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Jt | Hailey, ID | 02 Jun 2015

Set my house on fire. The hot water heater flashed. Yuck.

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