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The Pocket Hose is an expanding hose with an accordion design. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, until after you turn on the water, and then it spreads out, growing to full length. The standard length is 25 feet, and it also comes in 50,75, and 100-foot lengths. Once you turn your water off, the hose will revert to its original size and position.

How It Works

The Pocket Hose is able to shrink and expand due to its accordion-folding design and the fact that it has been constructed like a heavy-duty fire hose. On the inside it is made of durable rubber, like an ordinary garden hose, but it expands as water goes through it and water pressure rises. The tough lining on the outside protects it so it won’t explode. Once the water is turned off, the pressure is removed, so it retracts back to its original position and reverts to its original size.


  1. Watering Garden And Yard
  2. The spray of the Pocket Hose is powerful, but not too powerful to be used to water flowers, other plants, and your lawn. This hose can do virtually any lawn maintenance job that a standard garden hose is capable of. Due to its length, it can be stretched out to reach areas far from the house.

  3. Cleaning Driveway
  4. The Pocket Hose's spray is powerful enough to clean dirt and debris off driveways and other paved areas.

  5. Washing Vehicles
  6. This hose is great for washing cars and trucks. It can also be used to wash other motorized vehicles, such as boats and RVs.


  • Small At Rest
  • When there's no water coursing through it, the Pocket Hose will stay rolled up as small as a hand.

  • Durable
  • The heavy-duty construction and tough outside lining decrease the chances that this hose will explode or experience other damage, such as holes.

  • Lengthy
  • The shortest Pocket Hose can be stretched to 25 feet long, and you can get one as long as 100 feet.

  • Light
  • The Pocket Hose can be lifted up with just one hand.

  • Not Kinkable
  • Unlike many garden hoses, the Pocket Hose will never have kinks within it. Even if you intentionally try to kink it, this likely won't work.

  • Easy To Store
  • Once it has reverted to its original small size, the Pocket Hose can easily be hung or placed anywhere. Even two of these hoses only take up the space of one can of paint.

  • Connectable
  • Two Pocket Hoses can be connected together, if you need even more length. Simply attach one to your faucet, and the second to the first. Make sure the valves of both hoses are switched on when you want to turn on your water.

Negative Points

  • No Jet Stream Option
  • Although it is stated that the Pocket Hose's spray is light enough to water flowers and plants, and powerful enough to wash a car, there is no jet stream option. A jet stream can be useful when attempting to wash second-floor siding or windows, or clearing away thickly caked-on dirt or debris. It is unclear whether a jet stream attachment, or any attachment, can be added to this hose.

How it's Different from Competitors

Standard garden hoses are often heavy, and it requires a lot of effort to drag them around. They also frequently get knots and kinks in them as you use them for yard work. That is not the case with the Pocket Hose. This hose is light, knot-proof, and kink-proof. When you’re done using a standard garden hose, you have to tire yourself by manually rolling it up, or reeling it onto a plastic holder. With this one, you won’t have to do either of these things, as when you turn your water off, it will shrink back to a small size. Furthermore, while standard garden hoses take up a lot of space in garages and sheds, a shrunken-down Pocket Hose will only take up the space of half a paint can.

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