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Pocket Hose Top Brass is an expandable garden hose that expands when water runs through it. Once the user is finished with their watering session, they can simply turn off the water and watch as the Pocket Hose Top Brass shrinks back to a small, portable size. Thus, users are able to store away this hose with ease and without needing to worry about tangling, kinking or not having enough space to store their garden hose.


  • Brass Ends
  • This hose features brass endings which are sturdy and more resistant to outside elements. Thus, they will last longer than if they were to be made of plastic ( such as the previous version of this hose ). These amber tip connectors are three times the durability of their former model for this garden hose. Additionally, the stronger connector model ensures leaks will not occur (or at least be less frequent).

  • Solar Stripe Shield
  • The sun can easily wear down any water hose, which is exactly why the Pocket Hose Top Brass was fitted with the Solar Stripe Shield. This feature ensures that harmful ultraviolet rays do not corrode the hose and shorten its lifetime. Thus, it can be left out in the sun longer than a hose without such a feature, since it has protection that will help it withstand harsh UV rays.


  • Takes Up Less Space
  • Due to its contractible design, this hose can be stored in a smaller space than a traditional garden hose. Thus, you will need less storage space when the Pocket Hose Top Brass is not in use.

  • Lightweight Design
  • This hose can be easily carried in one hand, even by a child. Its lightweight design allows you to conveniently carry it with other tools in hand - all without breaking a sweat. Thus, its portability is greatly increase because of this lightweight factor.


  • Prone To Ruptures
  • Unfortunately, many users have experienced ruptures, tears and tiny pinholes within the structure of this hose after just one use. While many buyers insist this is the solution to all their gardening issues, there are countless others who have had this hose tear after water pressure punctures its exterior. Such instances usually occur if the hose has been scraped by concrete or another jagged like surface, causing tiny rips that turn into larger ones.

  • Prone To Leaks
  • While the amber connectors help keep leaks away for many - that is not the experience of every user. This hose is prone to leaking from the ends, resulting in wasted water and reduced water pressure.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Avoid Jagged Surfaces
  2. If you have a rough or jagged ground on which your hose normally rests, make sure not to scrape this product on such a surface. Thus, if you do, there will be an increased likelihood that tears will form, or ruptures will occur. So, it is best to keep your hose away from such surfaces.

  3. Be Gentle
  4. While every precaution has been taken by the company to ensure this product is sturdy, it is not as durable as a traditional, nonexpanding hose. Thus, to ensure its longevity and to keep from having to return it - use it with caution and moderate care.

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