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Pocket Hose Ultra is an upgraded version of the standard Pocket Hose, which is the top-selling expandable hose in the world. The Ultra version is three times stronger than the original. This is due to the sturdy new amber tip connectors, the upgraded outer lining that will not rip, and the Solar Stripe Shield that protects the hose from UV rays.

How It Works

As with the standard Pocket Hose, the Pocket Hose Ultra stays compact and retracted until you turn on your water. After that, as the durable elastomer hose fills with water, the water pressure allows it to expand to its full length. It is easy to pull around, as the 25-foot version only weighs half a pound, and even the 100-foot version weighs only two pounds. The Pocket Hose Ultra is even less likely to leak than the standard Pocket Hose, as its new, sturdier amber tip connectors give it a watertight seal. It is also less likely to rip, due to the enhanced outer lining. Plus, it has an additional feature, the Solar Stripe Shield, which protects it from damage due to the sun’s UV rays. Like the standard Pocket Hose, it will retract to its original size and position when you turn your water off.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Unravel It
  2. After your Pocket Hose Ultra arrives, take it out of its package and unravel it completely.

  3. Attach Adapter
  4. Attach the included adapter to the end of your Pocket Hose Ultra, where the water comes out. You also have the option of attaching a different spray nozzle that you have on hand or have purchased separately. If you're using a different spray nozzle, you don't need the adapter.

  5. Close Lever
  6. If you choose to use the adapter, make sure that it's in the closed position.

  7. Connect Inlet
  8. Connect the inlet of your Pocket Hose Ultra, shown in the instructions, to your water supply.

  9. Open Adapter
  10. If you've chosen to use the adapter, flick the lever to the open position so it is ready for use.

  11. Proceed With Tasks
  12. Watch the Pocket Hose Ultra expand to its full size and then gently pull it along to complete your chores in your garden, yard, and / or driveway.

  13. Turn Off Water
  14. When you're done using the hose, turn off your water supply. If you're using an added spray nozzle, push the handle down to drain the water from the hose. Following this, the hose will shrink back to a compact size.

Positive Points

  • Won't Kink Or Tangle
  • Like the standard pocket hose, the Pocket Hose Ultra won't kink or tangle, even if you intentionally try to make it do so.

  • Comes In Different Lengths
  • The standard length of the Pocket Hose Ultra is 25 feet, but it also comes in 50,75, and 100-foot lengths. All varieties weigh less than two pounds each.

  • Easy Storage
  • When rolled up, it's easy to hang up your Pocket Hose Ultra or sit it on a shelf. Like the standard pocket hose, two of the 25-foot hoses take up only the same amount of room as a can of paint.

  • Powerful Spray
  • The spray of the Pocket Hose Ultra is light enough for the watering of flowers and other plants, but is strong enough for the effective washing of vehicles.

  • Can Add Attachments
  • If you need to add a stronger or weaker attachment in order to complete a specific job, you are able to do so. This option is also a benefit if the on / off valve on your hose breaks off, since you can attach another spray nozzle and the hose will continue working as usual.


  • Use Outdoors And Store Indoors
  • The Pocket Hose Ultra is only suitable for outdoor use, but it is recommended that you store in indoors when you're not using it.

  • Do Not Drink From It
  • Do not drink from your Pocket Hose Ultra, as the water from any garden hose can become contaminated.

  • Don't Stretch While Empty
  • When there is no water coursing through the hose, do not attempt to stretch it, as if you let go, it may snap back at you like an elastic band.

  • Keep Away From Kids And Pets
  • Do not allow any kids or pets to play with the hose, as it can choke a child or animal if it gets wrapped around one's neck.

  • Don't Use With Hot Water
  • The Pocket Hose Ultra is meant to have only cold or lukewarm water running through it. Do not run hot water through, as this may damage it. You must also avoid using this hose for tasks requiring intense water pressure, such as operating a pressure washer.

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