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Popemz are soft, small colored suction cups that will easily stick to most smooth surfaces, and can be taken off just as easily, without any mess. They can be used to make various artistic creations or decorate existing objects. Kids will be kept busy with them for hours, and adults will enjoy using them, too. These decorations come in a variety of colors so you can mix and match.

How It Works

Each Popemz suction cup will attach to a smooth surface, such as a mirror or glass window, and stay put there until you remove it. All Popemz are made with a hexagonal ( six-sided ) design, so you can easily stick them together to create a line or an image that is completely filled in with color. When you’re ready to remove the suction cups, just pull them off firmly with your hands. As they are reusable, you can immediately transfer them to another surface, if you choose.


  1. Creative Art
  2. Kids will be happy to use Popemz to create original artistic masterpieces on windows, mirrors, and walls. The suction cups can be used to outline a drawing or fill one in, and you’ll always have a variety of colors to choose from. You can even create a face on the surface of your mirror that will greet you when you look at your reflection each morning.

  3. Writing One's Name
  4. People of all ages enjoy affixing their names to their personal possessions, and using Popemz will allow them to write their names using a unique design and color scheme.

  5. Borders
  6. If you want to add a fun, colorful border to the edges of your sunglasses, tablet, gaming device, or virtually any other object, you can use Popemz to do so.

  7. Holiday Decorations
  8. Popemz can be used to create simple yet gorgeous holiday scenes on windows, including spooky images for halloween or candles during winter holiday time. You can also create scenes to celebrate the different seasons with Popemz, such as snowflakes to celebrate winter or flowers in honor of spring.

  9. Games
  10. You are able to make up your own patterning games to play with Popemz, or use them as attractive markers when you’re playing existing board games.

Positive Points

  • Variety Of Colors
  • Popemz come in orange, green, blue, purple, pink, black, and white, so your designs will never be boring. You can choose to use only one color to create a picture, or use them all. You’ll always be able to find the right color for someone’s eyes or an animal’s stripes.

  • Sparkle In Light
  • The colors of Popemz are pretty on their own, but they will look especially attractive when shone on by sunlight, as the cups begin to sparkle when exposed to light. To illuminate them at night, you can try placing a candle or night light behind them.

  • Many In Package
  • In one package of Popemz, there are 500 cups, so multiple users can create multiple designs at once before you run out of them.

  • Can Be Used On Long Trips
  • Popemz offer hours of entertainment to children on long car rides or airplane trips. They can easily be stuck to windows or hand-held mirrors, and be used again and again. Each package of cups comes with a mesh carrying case so they will not spill all over the place or get lost.

  • Come With Design Guide
  • Each package of Popemz comes with a design guide, so if you’re completely lost as to what your first creation should be, this is a great place to look.


  • Keep Away From Babies, Pets
  • Although Popemz are great for children, teens and adults of all ages, you must keep them away from babies and pets who may ingest them, leading to a choking incident.


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