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Porchbrella is an innovating, creative design that is a mesh screen which attaches to any patio umbrella to keep out unwanted bugs and mosquitoes. It is designed for effective use with eighteen magnets that makes it easy for use and for those entering and exiting the space. The product is also created to fit any umbrella and slips easily over the top. The creators used the 'magic mesh' which was a hit when it was released and they have taken that idea and made it into a marquee type cover for your outside needs. Offered at a unique price, every garden could do with one of these nifty Porchbrellas!


  • Fits To Any Umbrella
  • As long as your umbrella isn't anymore than nine foot in diameter then the Porchbrella will fit with ease making a contained porch area free from all those nasty bugs.

  • Magnetic Opening
  • The magnetic openings close behind you and the magic mesh stitched together with 18 magnets make it even easy for your pets to get through.

  • Adjustable
  • The Porchbrella is in effect adjustable, making sure that you get the correct fit so no bugs can find their way into the space.

  • Mesh Design
  • The mesh design stills allows airflow into the space under the umbrella. It keeps the space dry to an extent and provides a little extra shade from the sun.

Positive Points

  • Durable
  • The Porchbrella is made from durable material making sure that no rips or splits occur when in use. Great for all weather conditions.

  • Easy Installation
  • The product has been designed to be easy to install by simply slipping over the top of the umbrella. Customers have stated that it takes less than five minutes to put it up and take it down.

  • Regular And Deluxe Options
  • The product has taken into account that depending on specific needs you might need a stronger mesh. For an extra charge you can order an extra-durable and strong mesh if you feel you need it.

  • Creates A Bug-free Zone
  • One of the great things about this ' porch umbrella' is that it creates a bug free zone for a small cost. Compared to other expensive options like marquees and enclosed areas, it is made so that you get shade and an enclosed area all at once.

Negative Points

  • No Weights At The Bottom
  • On this particular design, there are no weights at the bottom to keep it down. Many customers have said that if the weather is windy it doesn't do a good job of creating a bug-free zone. This has also created a problem and customers have said that it doesn't reach the floor and isn't made to the correct length.

  • Regular Option Isn't Sturdy
  • Based on other customer reviews the regular option of the porch umbrella isn't as durable as the deluxe option and is so thin it can be easily ripped by cats, dogs and other pets.

  • Not Washable
  • Another pain about the Porchbrella is that it isn't machine washable and many have complained that it takes a long time to wash by hand. Other customers said they hose it down to get dirt and dust off.

  • Low-quality Magnets
  • The magnets used on the openings of the Porchbrella aren't strong enough to keep it closed. Many consumers have said this has caused a problem and they are forever closing them by hand where as the company claim they close automatically.

How It Works

Porchbrella is based on a simple umbrella design and slides over the top of any umbrella or canpy. The product is designed with a cinch which makes it adjustable so it can fit to any size umbrella. Made of a mesh material and with magnets, This allows you to enter and exit while the magnets close behind you. It has a purpose to create a bug free zone under your umbrella. The porch umbrella can be taken down and folded up into a small package to make for easy storage when you don't need it. This works in such a way that it creates an open space under your umbrella but gives the bugs out and the airflow in.


  • Patio Set Canopy
  • This canopy net is white rather than black and is sold mostly on Amazon. Customer reviews state this is a lightweight, affordable and effective mesh net which holds up to it's claims. There is a tube at the bottom which can be filled with water or sand to keep it in place. It is also large enough to cover an additional patio set.

  • Plow And Hearth
  • Plow and Hearth outside umbrella cover is made from polyster breathable mesh. It is a black design and the cheapest of them all. The product does it's job but many customers say they won't buy this model again because it is difficult to install and doesn't fit all sizes.

  • Yescom Umbrella With Cover
  • If you don't already have the umbrella then consider a more expensive choice. Invest in an umbrella which has a mesh already attached to it. This model comes with a washable net which fits to perfection and also has magnetic openings. These types are in the higher price range.

Easy to Use

  1. Easy Installation
  2. Based on many customer reviews, the general quota is satisfaction. One great thing about the Porchbrella is it's ease of use. It is easy to install, easy to store and in general, easy to keep clean. After considering other similar options the conclusion is that Porchbrella is the easiest of them all to put up and to put away.

    Critical Advice

    Many customers who have bought and used this item say to be careful when in use with children and pets. If a small child decides to hang on the side of the mesh or pull too hard then the umbrella could come tumbling over. The same goes with pets, be aware so they don't get tangled up in the bottom.

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