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Posture Now is the brand new device that allows people to finally improve their posture without bulky, ugly and expensive braces. This product is a simple and effective posture corrector that provides a gentle reminder to keep your shoulders back for excellent posture. It is much more comfortable and easier to wear compared with other back braces that are on the market.


  • Good Posture
  • Thanks to the Posture Now product people can finally have good posture. It is an effective way that prevents you from slouching. With good posture, you come off much more professional, attractive and confident. This product is an all-natural and safe way to correct your posture.

  • Subtle
  • When wearing the Posture Now, people will barely notice that you are wearing anything. It is small and comfortable. You’ll be able to walk around with confident knowing that this product remains relatively hidden.


  • Must Follow Schedule
  • In order for the Posture Now to work, your must wear it for 10-30 minutes a day for 30 days. This may be difficult for people who do not have this amount of time to take out of their busy schedules.

  • Hard To Put On
  • It may take the help of an extra person to correctly put on the Posture Now device. The straps are difficult to reach when put on properly.


  • Arm Bands
  • With the Posture Now product, you will receive two comfortable and easy-to-use arm bands. The bands will wrap around your arms to promote support and upper body strength for improved posture.

  • Tension Band
  • Posture Now comes included with an elastic tension band. This band will connect to the two arms bands to prevent your shoulders from hunching.


Posture Now is the revolutionary product that helps people improve their posture with just 10 minutes a day. This product wraps comfortably around your arms to prevent your from slouching during the day. Furthermore, it can be used at work, hope or even while out and about. It is effective and easy.

How It Works

The Posture Now works with two comfortable neoprene arm bands that are connected by a flexibly tension band. When your shoulder hunch, this product reminds you to pull your shoulders back. Over a period of time, it creates the habit of good posture for permanent results.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Posture Now is different from other back braces because it is compact and comfortable. Other common back braces are bulky, expensive and extremely difficult to wear.


  • Posh-ture Support Tank
  • The Posh-Ture Support Tank works to encourage better posture and lift the bust for enhanced confidence. Unlike Posture Now, this is meant to be worn for longer period of time, rather than just 10 minutes a day.

  • Deluxe Seat Solution
  • The Deluxe Seat Solution is an orthopedic seat cushion that prevents excessive pressure on the spine for improved posture. This is not a product that you wear. Instead, it is sat on, so you can sit properly.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Report Pain
  2. If you begin to feel any pain, report it to a physician. Talking to your physician is an excellent way to ensure you are using it right.

  3. Live Normally
  4. When wearing your Posture Now, feel free to participate in your typical day-to-day activities. By doing so, your body will learn to correct its posture even when you are doing normal things.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will It Restrict Movement?
  • No, the Posture Now will not restrict movement because it is made with elastic bands that allow you to move freely.

  • What Are The Benefits?
  • The benefits of Posture Now include confidence, a taller appearance and of course dramatically improved posture.

  • Can It Be Worn Inside Clothes?
  • Yes, the Posture Now can be worn inside and outside of clothes.

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