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P90 workout is a series of exercises created by Tony Horton, to keep you in good shape. These exercises will make you lose weight, increase your muscle mass and make you more fit and healthier. The exercises are meant for everyone, pro or novice.


  • Phases
  • This exercise program has been segregated into three unique phases.

  • Exercises
  • There are total 10 exercise routines that are divided onto the three phases. Phase one exercises include sculpt, sweat and ab ripper routines. These workouts will get rid of excess fat and start your journey towards a healthier, leaner, stronger body.

    Phase 2 has the same named routines but the purpose is different. This phase burns greater calories while making your muscles leaner and stronger. You will start to notice the way your muscles appear firmer.

    In the third phase of this exercise routine, you will learn to increase your stamina to a great extent. You will push your limits and exercise like never before. This phase will give you the complete muscular look that you always wanted.

  • Time Duration
  • The exercise routine is meant for 90 days. At the end of this time period you will see the changes that the program promises.

How it's Different from Competitors

P90 is a routine that has been created by the same person who created P90x routine. However, in comparison, the two are different. The P90 X is a more strenuous routine, with heavier workouts and more difficult routines. It produces a more ripped look than p90, but it is also more tiring to do. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should go for p90. The results are not as great as the P90 X but the exercises are easier.

Negative Aspects

  • Time
  • To perform these exercises, you need to take time out from your schedule. With jobs, families and social lives, this can get difficult. As this routine is a well-directed one, you cannot skip out on exercises or workout sessions.

  • Requires A Lot Of Dedication
  • To perform these workouts efficiently, you need a lot of dedication. You need to reserve time for the exercises and then carry them out even if you are tired.

  • Stamina
  • The workout sessions build stamina over time. Initially, you may get sore muscles and become out of breath quickly whenever you exercise. Muscle cramping will be common and something you will have to deal with on a regular basis.


  • Hydration
  • Remember to keep yourself well hydrated for these exercises. The routines are tough and if you skip out on water, you may get dehydrated. This will worsen your muscle cramps and fatigue. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and have a glass at least fifteen minutes before starting the exercises.

  • Warm Up
  • You must remember to properly warm up before starting the workout session. If you do not do this, you will put excessive load on your muscles at once and may actually damage them. In the same way, properly cooling down at the end of a session is also very important.

  • Watch Out For Any Injury
  • Although the exercises build your stamina and teach you to keep going against all odds, this does not mean you should ignore any injury to your body. Stop the exercises immediately if you suffer from backache. Similarly, if you injure your ankle or twist your knee, you must stop till the damage is healed.

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