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Power air fryer is a device that uses hot air in a closed chamber to fry food items perfectly with using little to no oil. It is a healthy option which lets you enjoy the taste of fried food but avoids the extra oil and calories of deep fried food.


  • Temperature
  • The temperature can go up to 400 degree Fahrenheit.

  • Frying
  • This is done with little to no oil.

  • Air Flow
  • The frying is done with hot air. This air completely surrounds the food and cooks it perfectly. Food comes out looking and tasting like fried food.

  • Food Items
  • You can fry fish, French fries, chicken etc. with this fryer. All sorts of food items can be fried or otherwise cooked.


  • Power Air Fryer has the benefit that it makes food taste just like deep fried food, but it uses very less oil and therefore the calories that the food contains are also lessened. The infomercial claims that up to 80 percent decreased fat is used in this fryer. It has non-stick parts.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add The Food
  2. Add the food you want to cook into the basket. Next, slide the basket into the unit.

  3. Cooking Options
  4. Select a cooking setting. You can choose from air fry, bake, steam, roast, grill and saute.

  5. Cook
  6. The intelligent cooking system decides the time needed to cook. Once the timer goes off, cooking will be done.

  7. Take The Food Out
  8. Take the cooked food out of the fryer. Your food is now fried and ready to eat.

Negative Points

  • Taste
  • The taste of the food which is fried in Power Air fryer will not be exactly the same as food fried the traditional way. Some difference will be there. Traditionally fried food has more crispiness than that fried in this fryer.

  • Looks
  • Food looks similar to that fried traditionally. However, it is still not exactly the same. The deep brown color obtained by deep frying cannot be perfectly replicated by this fryer.

  • Single Basket
  • This product only has one basket which means that only a single food item can be cooked at one time. If you need to cook different items, you have to make them in turn.

Critical Advice

If you want your food to taste great when fried with Power Air Fryer, you should go for pre-packaged food that has already been pre-fried. This includes fried fish, frozen chicken strips etc. In this way you will get perfect taste. However, as these items have already been fried prior to being packaged, the health benefits may not be great. If you make food from scratch and use your own recipe, the taste will not be exactly the same as if it was deep fried, and you will be disappointed.

How it's Different from Competitors

Power Air Fryer is not the only fryer of its kind. There are other such fryers which use little to no oil. These include air fryer by Philips, air fryer by Kalorik, and T-fal actifry. When you are choosing to buy a fryer, be sure to compare prices. Power Air Fryer works well, however price comparison with other brands is necessary.

How It Works

This fryer uses Rapid Air Technology. It means that this device uses super-heated air to fry food. This air surrounds the food items so they are completely cooked. The sensor inside the chamber ensures that food is neither under nor over cooked. Cooking time depends on the food item. A whole chicken can be cooked in about half an hour.

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