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Press Dome is a food storage device that will provide either an airtight or vacuum seal, depending on your needs. It will insulate your food and keep it fresh and unspoiled for up to three times longer than usual. You can use it with any of your own plates or dishes, even those made of porcelain, stainless steel, or glass, plus skillets, counter tops, and cutting boards.

How It Works

When you use the Press Dome to create an airtight seal, all you need to do is place the dome over your food, and it will keep it fresh. This type of seal is great for preserving the taste of already-prepared veggies and meat while you cook the rest of your dinner. If you're using the product for a vacuum seal, which will allow food to last for up to a week, you need to push down on the vacuum pump. Pushing down will effectively create the seal and allow the pump to perform a number of functions: it will insulate, warm, and even marinate.


  1. Transporting Food
  2. If you use the Press Dome, you can easily transport food to picnics and parties, and take it with you on camping trips. Since the dome is leak-proof and disaster-proof ( it won't even spill if knocked off the table ), there is little risk of an accident.

  3. Storing Leftovers
  4. When you or your family don't finish an entire dinner, you can use the Press Dome's vacuum seal to store food on plates for up to a week.

  5. Keeping Food Warm
  6. If one dish has been cooked, but you're still waiting on others, the Press Dome's vacuum seal will also keep the already-cooked dish warm as you wait.

  7. Marinating
  8. The Press Dome's vacuum seal is capable of opening up the pores of the food underneath it, and can marinate it in just a few minutes.

  9. Prepping Meals In Advance
  10. If you're going to have a busy week, and want to prepare a few meals in advance, the Press Dome will effectively store these meals. It also makes a great storage space for a meal you've prepared to eat at school or work the next day.

  11. Stacking Food
  12. With multiple Press Domes, you can stack multiple plates of food on top of each other without one above squishing and destroying the food within the one below.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Dome
  2. Place the bottomless dome over your food on whatever plate you want to use it with. If you just want an airtight seal, you don't need to do anything else. However, if you want a vacuum seal, you must push down on the vacuum pump located in the middle of the dome.

  3. Store Food
  4. Stash your food away in a refrigerator or cupboard, if needed, or you can keep it on your counter if you're going to be eating it shortly.

  5. Remove Dome
  6. If you've used an airtight seal, you can just pull the dome off, but if you've used a vacuum seal, you'll have to pull up on the vacuum pump. This will open the seal.

  7. Clean After Use
  8. The materials used to make the product are dishwasher safe, so just run the Press Dome through the dishwasher ( top rack only ) when it gets dirty.


  • Limit Microwave Time
  • You can put the Press Dome in the microwave, but don't heat it for more than one to three minutes. If you're heating a tomato-based sauce, only heat it for one minute.

  • Cool Skillet
  • Before you use the Press Dome to cover a skillet, remove the skillet from any direct heat source and let it cool off for two to three minutes.

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Don't Last

Drj | Gibraltar, MI | 02 Mar 2019

OK - you get a vacuum - but it soon dissipates whether wetting the edge or not.

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