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Proactiv is one of the longest running acne defense systems marketed on television. Containing three products in its comprehensive kit, the three step solution touted by the company has received positive reviews.


  1. Acne
  2. Proactiv is specially designed to tackle acne outbreaks ranging in severity. The kit comes with three items which use benzoyl peroxide. The main ingredient in this system is the same main ingredient found in all dermatologist recommended products, including prescription acne treatments. That said, benzoyl peroxide is very useful in targeting acne by drying out excess oil production and healing the skin.


    • Different Kits
    • There are different cases of severity when it comes to acne breakouts, and therefore a need for different percentages of the main element. If someone with a mild case of acne uses a percentage meant for someone with a heavy case of acne, it will dry out their skin severely. Should the situation reverse itself, the results won’t be as desired. That is why Proactive has different kits ( or different percentages of the main ingredient ) offered for various skin types. This means that different levels of acne breakouts can be treated most appropriately. What’s more, the company provides monthly memberships where home delivery takes place each month, during which time members can change the type of kit or the percentage they use. So a consumer whose acne gets better, might start with a hefty percentage, then use a medium percentage, all the way to nothing during the course of a long term membership.

    • Positive Reviews
    • This company has been in business for many, many years and it has done so because it offers a superior product. Out of all the over-the-counter acne treatments there are available, this one has positive reviews and many satisfied customers. It provides nothing but acne treatments, rather than trying to spread its company too thinly. This target of a niche market means it pays off for the company and customers too with positive results.


    • Doesn't Target Cause
    • Like all acne treatments, even those prescribed by dermatologists, this kit treats the problem, not the cause. So consumers who are stressed or going through puberty can stop the acne breakouts, or treat them when they happen, but won’t stop the hormonal changes.

    • Might Need A Dermatologist
    • It is not a prescription medication, so even the strongest kit they have available might not be suitable for the most severe cases. In some situations, consumers might need a stronger percentage of benzoyl peroxide in which case they will need to contact a dermatologist.

    How to Use (Step by Step)

    1. Wash With Renewing Cleanser
    2. The renewing cleanser should be used in the morning and at night, gently cleansing dampened skin. The benzoyl peroxide attacks the bacteria causing acne.

    3. Dry Face With Toner
    4. The revitalizing toner should be applied to freshly cleaned skin in the morning and at night. This part removes excess oil from the skin, but if the skin starts to dry out the regularity with which it is applied should be reduced.

    5. Treat Trouble Areas
    6. The repairing treatment should be applied to clean skin in the morning and at night. A thin layer should be put on any acne breakouts and left to dry naturally. If redness or dryness starts, then the frequency should be reduced the same as with the toner.

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