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Purrfect Arch is a stationary cat brush and scratcher that allows cats to brush themselves by rubbing against the firm bristles.


  • Arch Design
  • Purrfect Arch is features a bristle covered archway on a circular base. The arch is covered in firm bristles that allow the cat to brush its own coat using a rubbing motion. Cats enjoy rubbing up on things, and the Purrfect Arch takes advantage of this motion, and puts it to use. Long bristles also allow the Purrfect Arch to catch the loose cat fur, rather than having to collect it yourself like with a traditional brush.

  • Carpeted Base
  • Purrfect Arch comes equipped with a circular base covered in durable scratching post carpet so the cat not only has a massaging brush to rub on, but also a scratcher.

  • Catnip Infused
  • The base of the Purrfect Arch is infused with catnip. This will keep cats coming back to rub up on the brushing arch.

  • Rubberized Feet
  • Purrfect Arch comes with rubberized feet on the bottom of the base to increase the stability while cats are rubbing up on the arch or scratching the carpeted base.


  • Hassle Free Brushing
  • The Purrfect Arch takes the hassle out of brushing a cat. Since not all cats appreciate being brushed with a traditional brush in a traditional manner, Purrfect Arch allows the cat to brush themselves. Not only that, but it uses the cats rubbing instinct to do the brushing for you.

  • Less Cat Fur Around
  • Since Purrfect Arch allows your cat to brush itself, there will be less cat fur left behind on other surfaces. Clothes and fabric will trap less fur, since the long massaging bristles of the Purrfect Arch will collect cat fur while brushing.

  • Less Hairballs
  • Purrfect Arch collects the loose fur from cats by brushing them. Less loose fur in the cats coat means less loose fur that comes off when the cat is grooming, and less hairballs.

  • Easy Cleanup
  • When the Purrfect Arch has collected an abundance of excess fur, you can just remove the fur and throw it away. This is a much easier process than having to sweep and use a lint roller on the entire house.

Save Time

Purrfect Arch is designed to save you time and hassle associated with grooming your cat. Rather than having to grab a brush, force the cat to sit down with you, and brush it, you can just let the cat brush itself. Not all cats are receptive to traditional means of brushing, and will resist being brushed, sometimes violently. Even if you have the perfect cat that enjoys every minute of brushing, the loose fur builds up fast, and then you have a mess of loose balls of fluff. The massaging brush of the Purrfect Arch allows your cat to brush itself, and also collects the fur in the bristles. This stationary brush will save you the time, risk of injury, and mess associated with grooming your cat, and the catnip infused base with scratching carpet will keep cats happy.

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