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RC Pocket Racers are toy cars for kids that can be driven with a remote control. The cars are small enough to fit into the pocket. They are very fast, and kids can use them to race each other. The cars come in different colors, so each child can have his or her own favorite car.


  • Speed
  • The cars are very fast and hence, perfect as race cars.

  • Names
  • Each car has its own particular name, which are Bull, Phantom, Bullet, Fury and Ripper.

  • Headlights
  • There are LED headlights in these cars which makes it possible to use them even in the dark. The lights are very bright and also add to the beauty of the cars.

  • Power Source
  • Pocket Racers work with rechargeable 1.2 volt NiCd battery. The charging time is very less and charging fir a few minutes will enable the car to run for a long time.

  • Display Case
  • This car comes in a display case, so you can keep it safe when not playing with it. You can also keep the car, if not in its case, on a shelf in the house. The case changes into a 4-way remote control.

  • Cones
  • There are four cones included in this pack which are miniatures of the real cones kept on the road. These cones can be used to create an obstacle course through which cars can be raced.

  • Control
  • The remote device can be used for very accurate control of the cars. Sharp turns are feasible, and the cars can be navigated through narrow spaces with the help of the remote device.

  • Models
  • There are five different models of this toy. All the five models have different designs and colors.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Unpack
  2. Take the car out of its pack.

  3. Remote
  4. Convert the display case into a remote control.

  5. Race
  6. Use the remote to control the cars.

  7. Recharge
  8. Recharge the batteries once you are done playing with the cars.

Negative Points

  • Size
  • The cars are very small in size, which is why it is easy to lose them.

  • Durability
  • We are not told how durable the cars are.

  • Mobility
  • These cars, while great on the floor, can have some level of decreased speed and accuracy on the carpet. This is because of fiction and is a problem faced by all racing cars.

  • Cleanliness
  • The wheels of this toy car tend to gather debris and dirt from the floor. If there are hairs on the floor or the carpet, the wheels may pick them up too.

  • Charging Time
  • Charging the car once will let you use it for only about 15 to 20 minutes. After that you will have to stop your play in between to charge the batteries to play again.

How it's Different from Competitors

Pocket sized racing cars are not a new concept. There are many such cars available in the market. Therefore make sure that you compare prices before buying this product. Some examples of other such toys include Ferrari 430 Scuderia 1:32 Electric RTR RC Car, Coke Can Mini RC Car etc. Pocket Racers are actually priced a little higher than other such cars in the market.

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Not Connecting

Zach | Petoskey, MI | 27 Dec 2017

My pocket racer isnt connecting to the controller! 😠😠😠.

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Jack03 May 2018

I cant get my sons to pair either no info anywhere if it can be fixed.

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Crap Piece of Crap

Spencer | Evergreen Park, IL | 06 Nov 2017

Piece of freakin crao.

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My Pocket Racer Keeps Spinning

Braylon | Paris, TN | 23 Jul 2017

I tryed to chard it it want drive starght keeps spinning can u help me.

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Piece of Junk and Waste of Money

Susan | Marietta, GA | 11 Jun 2017

The car would not pair with the remote, and therefore was useless. I followed the instructions exactly. I then tried a few other things. Nothing worked. If the car doesn't pair with the remote, it won't go, and you have essentially paid $20 for a little matchbox-type car. I'm returning it to get my money back. It's a piece of junk in my opinion.

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Ant | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA | 13 May 2017

Waste of money! I got my son the black one and the red one. The black one lasted about ten minutes and the car wouldn't turn right of left. The red one was slow and after he played with it a couple of times the car wouldn't move at all even after charging. Very disappointed, especially for the price.

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Joshua 18 Mar 2019

Wheels check the wheels.

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Not Happy

Janae Studebaker | Oregon City, OR | 17 Apr 2017

Not impressed by these cars. Very cheaply made. Bought these for my boys for Easter yesterday and I feel we have wasted our money. My boys have been asking for the for months and we finally ordered them. One son's blue racer goes full speed but doesn't last but maybe 5 minutes and the tires have already fallen off. My other son's yellow racer goes extremely slow unless it goes in reverse. Definitely not worth the money spent on the.

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Sam | Belleview, FL | 10 Mar 2017

Please send the pocketracers on: 3 / 11/2017.

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Ron Hayes | Hanahan, SC | 31 Jan 2017

Where is my shipment 903-886-3530.

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Sam10 Mar 2017

I love pocketracers!

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Spencer06 Nov 2017

Your obviously a freak so freakin wrong.

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Sam10 Mar 2017

Please send 10 pocketracers thank you

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Spencer06 Nov 2017

No you idiot shut up you.

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