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The Ready To Roll Bag is the amazing compartment bag that’s ready to roll wherever you are. This product is perfect for traveling no matter where you may be going or how long you are staying. Simply zip it up, roll the product and you are ready to go. It is truly that easy to use.


  • Plenty Of Space
  • The Ready To Roll Bag offers plenty of space for all of your necessities. It will keep the neat and organized to ensure nothing gets lost in the process.

  • Water-proof
  • You’ll absolutely love the Ready To Roll Bag due to the fact that it is water-proof. Water will not damage this product even in the slightest bit. This ensures that it will not become damaged if it is exposed to rain or spills.


  • Small Width
  • The Ready To Roll Bag has a very small width. This means that it may be difficult to store longer item such as hair styling tools, bottles of shampoo or lotion, and other items that are large in length.

  • Falls Easily
  • When the Ready To Roll Bag is hung upon the wall, many users have noticed that it easily falls off. It is important to ensure that it is hung securely in order to prevent the travel bag from falling off and becoming damaged.


  • Zipper Closure
  • The Ready To Roll Bag features several compartments, all of which are designed with a zipper closure. This works to keep all of them items inside without the possibility of causing a mess because they spilled out.

  • Handles
  • For easy travel, the Ready To Roll Bag features handles. These handles make it easy to carry but they also double as hooks. Users will be able to easily hang this product onto their wall in order to see all of the items inside.


The Ready To Roll Bag is surely the best bag you will ever use. Gather your items, store them in the back, zip it up, roll the product and you are ready to go. It is ideal for traveling due to its compact size and the clear compartments allow you to see everything that is stored inside. Furthermore, they are water-proof and super durable, which means that everyone will be able to travel with confidence.

How It Works

The Ready To Roll Bag is extremely easy to use. Owners simple place their items inside, zip it up, roll it, and they are ready to take it with them. There has never been a better and easier way to store your necessities.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Ready To Roll Bag is different from other products on the market because its compartments are clear. Transparent pockets allow people to see every little item that is stored within the product.


  • Roll-n-go Cosmetic Bag
  • The Roll-N-Go Cosmetic Bag and Ready To Roll product are similar because they both roll up for easy travel. This product is primarily meant for cosmetics rather than a wide variety of different travel essentials.

  • Kangaroo Keeper
  • Instead of being a separate product, the Kangaroo Keepers allows people to organize the inside of their bag or purse. It easily fits into all sizes.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Keep Zippered
  2. Before traveling, be sure to keep all of the compartments zippered. This will prevent the items from falling out and getting lost.

  3. Hand Wash
  4. Do not put your Ready To Roll Bag into the washer. If any stains occur, simply wash it by hand with warm water and a mild soap.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Pockets Are There?
  • The Ready To Roll Bag features 4 compartments.

  • Is It Tsa Approved?
  • Yes, the Ready To Roll Bag is TSA approved.

  • Is It Only Meant For Travel?
  • No, the Ready To Roll Bag can even be used for simple home organization projects.

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