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The Red Copper Pan is a non-stick pan which uses ceramic and copper to prevent food from sticking and spatulas from scratching. Newer technology behind this pan prevents particles of the coating from peeling away into the food consumers are making.


  • Lightweight
  • The pan itself is lightweight and quite durable.

  • Non-toxic
  • It is free from pfoa and ptfe which means it is not toxic like other pans, therefore will not leave toxins in consumer food.

  • Heat Resistant
  • It can be placed in the oven up to five hundred degrees, so consumers can prepare even the more complicated dishes with a single pan both in the oven and on the stove top.

Positive Points

  • Cost
  • Red Copper Pan is inexpensive compared to alternative brands and similar products.

  • Cleaning Is Easy
  • It is safe to clean in the dishwasher which makes post-cooking a breeze.

  • Moderately Non-stick
  • It has a moderate non-stick surface which at least alleviates some of the burned-on food ailments that often accompany cooking.

Negative Points

  • Insufficient Information
  • The website doesn’t really contain a lot of product information.

  • Not Fully Copper
  • It is not a traditional copper pan like it claims, which can mislead consumers.

  • Not Fully Non-stick
  • In spite of its claims, and dramatic examples on the infomercial, the Red Copper Pan is not any more “non-stick” than any other out there. It won’t really cook an egg or sauté onions without butter, oil, or some other grease. Consumers can try, but it will leave food particles and a stain, and it certainly won’t slip out easily. At best, consumers can keep the pan on a low setting and just let their food cook for two to three times as long to prevent burning or sticking. This sometimes results in the food sliding out without leaving behind any stains.
    The stains left behind by foods are really hard to clean. Bacon, for example, can be prepared without a lot of grease, but it will stain the bottom dark brown. This stain can be removed but getting it off it tricky. Consumers have to leave the pan hot, using a sponge or cloth and hot water to vigorously scrub away. That said is sometimes better to fill the pan with water after cooking and place it back on the stove top. Doing this lets the water boil, and makes it easier to use a spatula to scrap away the stains.


The infomercial for Red Copper Pan is presented by Cathy Mitchell, claiming to have a new pan with non-stick ceramic and copper. This company claims the pan will stay free from scratches forever, that food will not stick. It claims the pan is lightweight yet durable, easily cleaned. On the commercial they put biscuits dipped in sugar and cinnamon on the pan, to create a caramel glaze. Then they bake the biscuits in the oven. Once done, everything slides out. They even make chicken fingers with little oil and claim this means little fat.
Another point the infomercial raises is that things like steak can be cut or sliced directly inside of the pan. Eggs can be whisked with an electric beater right in the pan too without fear of scraping or scratching the inside.


  • Non-stick
  • Red Copper Pan does not state how much copper is in it, so consumers might believe it is an authentic copper pan, which it is not. What’s more, the alternatives use the same non-stick ceramic pan design. So virtually any “non-stick” option on the market is made with non-stick ceramic and one other metal designed to help it heat quickly and withstand high temperatures. For this pan, that other metal is a bit of copper but for alternatives like the Gotham Steel pan it is titanium.

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