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The Redu Shaper is a compression belt and also a waist slimmer and trainer combined into one. This belt claims to give your abs an extreme workout meaning you can sweat the pounds away while giving you an hourglass like figure. The designers have made this belt to co-inside with your thermal body temperature as you wear it during the day to increase sweating around your waist. As slimming and compression belts go the Redu Shaper is made so you wear it anywhere at any time and is invisible underneath your clothes. It comes in various shapes and sizes for both men and women.


  • Available For Men And Women
  • The belt comes in a range of sizes from S-3xXL for both women and men meaning that whatever shape or size you are, the belt is made to fit.

  • Invisible Under Clothing
  • Redu Shaper is made to fit effortlessly under your clothes and provides a seamless look so no-one will notice you are wearing it.

  • Safe And Comfy For Use
  • This belt is unique in the fact that it doesn't affect your health in any bad way and it is comfy to wear and doesn't give users discomfort when wearing.

  • Doesn't Show Sweat
  • The high quality material used on the Redu Shaper means that no trace of sweat can be seen as the outside material effortlessly absorbs every single drop.

How It Works

The incredible technology behind the ReduShaper is the unique Neo Power technology. This belt is designed in such a way that it creates a protective shell around your mid-section. Through your body's thermal temperature it creates a heat process which increases that temperature and makes you sweat. This specifically designed belt has been created with a material that keeps the sweat and the heat in. The combination of this process gives off results like no other belt has done before.

Critical Advice

Overall the product has a three out of five star rating on the official website. Many customers have sent in pictures to prove that the Redu Shaper has effective results if used regularly. Consumers have claimed that over a six month period the difference in their body shape and weight can be seen but it isn't a technique that has results overnight. Over two-thirds of customers who have purchased this product are satisfied with it but the other third have voiced many complaints.

Negative Aspects

  • Can Cause Rashes And Blisters
  • Many customers have said that the belt has caused rashes and blisters. This can be caused by excess sweating and for people that have sensitive skin this can be an issue. To avoid this make sure you clean and moisturise your skin after every use of the Redu Shaper.

  • Can Cause Itchiness
  • The belt itself can cause itchiness if not worn correctly or if worn for long lengthy periods of time. Due to the heat that is enclosed under the belt soreness and itchiness can be expected.

  • Difficult To Clean
  • Many consumers have stated the fact that the Redu Shaper can only be washed by hand because when put in the washing machine moves out of shape. This makes it difficult to keep clean and overtime will give off a sweat smell that is simply impossible to get rid of.

  • Takes Time
  • This belt isn't designed to give positive results overnight and needs to be used by the consumer on a regular basis to show a difference.


  • Helps Slim
  • The Redu Shaper does help slim your midsection and creates an hourglass figure. Over time results in slimming have been proving when wearing this belt.

  • Helps Tone
  • In addition to slimming, this belt will also tone your abs to perfection if used in the correct way.

  • Can Be Re-used
  • Unlike plastic wraps, if kept clean then this belt can be used time and time again.

  • Easy To Store Away
  • Redu Shaper is made to be folded and stored away or even to fit snug into your luggage if you are going away somewhere. The compact and simple design make this a great option for consumers who are 'on the go'.

  • Invisible
  • As stated above the belt is invisible under clothes so no-one will know you are wearing it. This is a great benefit when using the belt because it is seamless and won't show with whatever outer clothes you wear.

  • Additional Body Support
  • Besides slimming and toning, this belt provides lower back support which helps improve both posture and pain. It will help you keep an upright position whenever in use and eases pain down the back and around the shoulder areas.


  • Goege New Style Belt
  • This is a cheaper version of the Redu Shaper belt that claims to tone and slim in addition to being breathable and comfy to wear. The belt is made from elasticated material and is made to fit all sizes and covers only the mid-section. On amazon this product has a four and a half star rating out of five.

  • Vital Salveo Belt
  • Working on the same principles, this belt claims to slim and tone like the others. It is in the middle price range and again is made to fit and support the lower back. This belt also has highly rated customer reviews and is machine washable.

  • Plastic Body Wraps
  • Plastic body wraps can be bought from many online stores and department stores. They are like plastic food wrap which you wrap around your tummy. Although this option is the cheapest to use and provides similar results, it is difficult to apply to your body. Moreover, it can cause issues such as itching and rashes.

Easy to Use

  1. Compresses Your Abs
  2. The Redu Shaper is designed in a way to compress your abs giving you an hourglass figure without the hard work of an extreme and tiring workout.

  3. Maximises Weight Loss
  4. The belt is designed to maximise weight loss by simply using your individual body temperature.

  5. Improves Posture
  6. The belt also improves posture because of the way it sits on your back, and helps ease lower back pain with those who suffer from it.

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Noel | Danielson, CT | 01 Jul 2017

I have order two redushaper and I start using it last week then I didn't realize 3days later I have a big rash all over on my body and itching a lot. Today actually when to the hospital to check on me and it can be a demand because does redushaper comes with fiber glad chemical inside and my doctor recommend to stop using the belt. My layer will be summit all possible paper work for a big loss su.

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