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Rocket Copter is a toy that can be launched high up in the air. It is a brightly colored fly-toy that has LED lights, which look amazing when the rocket is shot upwards. These rockets are very durable and will not break easily. They are fun for all ages, and perfect for all occasions. You will never fall short of fun any longer!


  • Led
  • The LED lights of this toy are very bright and colorful.

  • Distance
  • This rocket can be seen from up to a mile away, when shot in the night sky.

  • Height
  • Rocket Copters can be shot up to 120 feet in the air.

  • Launcher
  • This toy comes with a sling like launcher which can be used to launch the copters high.

  • Wings
  • It has wings which are light weight and hence help in flight. The wings are also durable and will not break easily.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Adjust
  2. Adjust the rocket copters in the launcher.

  3. Fire
  4. Pull back the string of the launcher and shoot the toy in the sky.


  • Group Activity
  • Several different people can play with this toy together. You can even hold competitions to see whose Rocket Copter goes the highest.

  • For All Ages
  • People of all ages enjoy having fun with this product; it is not just for children.

  • For All Occasions
  • You can use them when you are alone or while at a party. Though they are best when used at night because of the brilliant colors, you can use them during the day too.


  • Sharp Edges
  • The edges of Rocket Copters are slightly sharp. These can result in an injury if not handled properly.

  • Landing
  • When Rocket Copters are landing on the ground, do not try to catch them in your hands. The rotating wings can harm you. Rather stay clear and let them fall on the ground.

Negative Points

  • May Get Lost
  • Rocket Copters may get lost if they land in thick foliage or another such place like the roof, from where you cannot retrieve them. As they can go very high, you cannot control exactly where they will land and thus you may lose them.

  • May Get Tangled
  • If you shoot several of these toys at the same time, they may get tangled in one another. It is best, therefore, to not shoot two of them very close to each other.

  • Weather Problems
  • If you use this product in foggy weather, you might not be able to see where it goes. Also, it will not look quite as good in foggy conditions as the bright colors will lose their luster.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are other such toys available in the market. One of them is Alien Rocket. It has the same principle; it works with a slingshot and has LED lights. This product is guaranteed to never break and offer about 50-60 hour of LED lights. However, Rocket Copter costs less than Alien Copters. There are also other such toys like Night Copters and Sling Copters. Therefore make sure that you compare prices of the different products before you settle on one.

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Ouch, Accident

Colleen | Wyoming, MI | 28 May 2019

Rocket copter got caught in launcher and launched into my face hard and fast. It busted inside and outside of right side top and bottom lip. Lots of blood and bruising. I'm sure this was a freak accident but we threw them away cause I would hate for it to happen to my kids. I cried it hurt so bad and my lip swelled up like a ballon.

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