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Roto Clipper is a small, hand-held device that will trim and file your nails. It's battery-operated and about the same size as an average person's hand, so you'll be able to take it almost anywhere with you. Each device has recessed blades, so it's safe for people of all ages to use, even kids, and it's ideal for seniors who are suffering from arthritis.

How It Works

Each Roto Clipper has beveled ( sloped ) blades that will rotate at a speed of 700 revolutions per minute once the device has been turned on. To power up your device, you'll simply need to press the circular green button on the front. Once it's powered up, you can insert a nail, and one side of the device will trim it. Following that, you can flip the device over, and the other side'll file it so it's smooth. As you go through the trimming and filing process, any shavings will collect within the Roto Clipper, and you'll be able to empty these out later.


  • Green And White
  • The Roto Clipper comes in green and white, a color combination that is commonly thought of as gender-neutral. Therefore, both males and females can use this device in front of others without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.

  • Battery Operated
  • Each of these clippers is battery operated and operates by virtue of two double "A" batteries, which aren't difficult to find. That means you won't need to worry about finding an electrical outlet when you want to give your nails a quick smooth-out or trim.

  • Ergonomic
  • This device has been designed with the principles of ergonomics in mind, so it'll fit comfortably in the dominant hand of most users. There are even grip pads ( one on each side of each device ) that'll make the Roto Clipper extra-comfortable to hold.

  • Large Power Button
  • When you use your device for the first time, you likely won't have difficulty turning it on, as the relatively large green power button on the front of each one is hard to miss.

  • Removable Head
  • If you want to empty the shavings out of your device, you'll be able to quickly remove its head and dump the shavings into a wastebasket or wherever you choose to stash trash.

Positive Points

  • Makes Clipping Less Work
  • When you use the Roto Clipper, you won't need to put as much physical effort into clipping your nails as you would otherwise, since this tool will slide so smoothly along them. This may come as a relief to anyone suffering from stiff joints in the fingers, hands, or entire body due to arthritis or another physical problem.

  • Heads Can Be Replaced
  • If the head on your Roto Clipper becomes dull, which may be a problem for those who use this tool frequently or share it with others, you'll be able to obtain replacement heads.

  • Deluxe Edition Available
  • Besides the standard version of this nail-clipping device, there's also a deluxe version available. This version has the same features as the regular, plus a built-in LED light that'll help you see your nails as you clip.

Save Time

By using this tool, you'll save the minutes or hours you'd otherwise spend painstakingly working on your nails with manual clippers and a file, or traveling to a salon to have them professionally clipped.

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