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Scratch Aide is a gel that can be applied to any shade of coarse or fine-grain wood, in order to eliminate the appearance of scratches. It's not hard to apply, as it can be squirted directly out of a small bottle, and it'll do its job in just seconds. You can use the substance on hardwood floors, furniture, and doors.

How It Works

When you apply Scratch Aide to a scratch on something made of wood, it goes on clear and then absorbs the color of the wood. Following the absorption, it's then able to stain the scratch with the wood's color, making the scratch appear non-existent.


  1. Wooden Doors
  2. Wooden doors often get scratched by the claws of pets, and they can also be scratched by sharp fingernails or objects that are bumped against them. Fortunately, when you use Scratch Aide, you'll be able to quickly cover up any scratch on any wooden door, making it look as good as new.

  3. Hardwood Floors
  4. Scratching on hardwood floors is often inevitable, as couches, chairs and the like get scrubbed against them, but Scratch Aide will conceal any of these scratches.

  5. Furniture
  6. If you have kids or pets, they've probably managed to ruin the look of at least a couple of pieces of furniture with their toys or claws. However, you'll be able to restore the original look of your cabinets, couches, chairs, shelves and such by using Scratch Aide.

Positive Points

  • Works On Any Shade Of Wood
  • Scratch Aide will work on light, medium, and dark wood, so you'll be able to use it to fix any scratched wood in your home.

  • Compact Squirt Bottle
  • Each bottle of Scratch Aide is compact, so you'll be able to carry it around the house, or even take it somewhere else ( such as the cottage ) without difficulty. Plus, all bottles have a squirt top, so the substance is unlikely to spill as you use it.

  • Comes With Wood Butter
  • Along with your bottle of Scratch Aide, you'll also get a container of wood butter, manufactured by the same company. This butter, which comes in a squirt bottle, too, will fill in and conceal deep cracks and gouges. To use it, you must squirt it on a crack or gouge, smooth it with the included small spatula, and then let it dry.

  • Microfiber Mitt Included
  • Your Scratch Aide and wood butter will come with a microfiber mitt that you can use for dusting and / or polishing furniture and other objects in your home.

  • Gloves Not Required
  • To use Scratch Aide or the accompanying wood butter, it is not necessary that you wear gloves, although you can wear the microfiber mitt if you like.


  • Refinishing
  • You can get wood furniture refinished in order to eliminate scratches and cracks, but this process is often time-consuming and expensive. Using Scratch Aide and wood butter to repair these flaws is much quicker.

  • Crayons And Markers
  • Some people are able to conceal scratches or cracks in wood by coloring them with crayons or markers, but it's often difficult to find a shade of drawing utensil that matches your wood perfectly. If you choose one that isn't a perfect match, the scratch or crack will remain fairly visible.

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Scratch Aide and Scratch Butter

Carol Sherman | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA | 19 May 2015

Basically it does not work and the butter made a film on the table surrounding the scratch. The film looks like Elmer's glue. I have called 5 times for help or info on how to remove the film and no one can or will help. Promises of returned phone calls, nothing. The scratch aide left it shinning but did not remove the light scratch. It is a scam.

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Hbj | Swarthmore, PA | 28 Mar 2015

Scratch aide will add an unrequested product to your order that raises price by $7.99. Not an honest company.

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