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Seat pets is a stuffed animal designed to strap over a seat belt in a car.


  • Pillow Head
  • The seat pets plush is designed with an oversize, almost rectangular head which is very reminiscent of a pillow. This is actually a design feature, as the head of the seat pets animal will rest right around the shoulder of a child strapped into a seat belt. Having a pillow so well placed encourages tired children to just use the head as a pillow, allowing for a much more comfortable car nap experience.

  • Pockets
  • Seat pets come equipped with a multitude of pockets for children to put things in. There are two obvious pockets on the front of each animal, and a substantial zipper pocket on the side of the animal. This allows for storage of games and other traveling entertainment. Having pockets also allows the seat pets to be more than just a car pillow. The seat pets offer includes a strap to turn the stuffed animal into a backpack of sorts.

  • Easy Strap Flaps
  • The flaps on the back of seat pets animals appear to be a velcro, making the plush animal easy to both install and remove from a seat belt. Having easy to use straps also allows children to take their car pillow plush with them wherever they go.


  • Comfortable
  • Seat pets are designed to keep children riding in a car comfortable. Since the plush wraps around the seat belt, there is no edge of the seat belt exposed to dig into kids uncomfortably. The pillow head also provides a surface for tired children to rest their heads upon to take a nap in the car. Generally napping in the car is uncomfortable and restless. Kids will not feel rested after a regular car nap, but because the pillow is already placed by the shoulder, car naps can be more comfortable with seat pets.

  • Encourages Safety
  • Seat pets makes the uncomfortable edge of the seat belt less of an issue. Many children will adjust an over the shoulder seat belt so that it is behind them, which is unsafe, as it eliminates much of the effectiveness of a seat belt. The seat pets animals remove much of the discomfort associated with seat belts, which can encourage children to keep the seat belt in place.

  • Can Be Strapped In Anywhere
  • Seat pets have easy to use flaps on the back that allow it to be used in more than just a car. The infomercial for seat pets demonstrates using them as a backpack, strapping them to a scooter or bike, or even putting them on a headboard. This is a great feature for children who fall in love with the cute designs of seat pets, so they can take their plush wherever they go.

  • Variety
  • Seat pets come in a variety of animal options. There are five animals in total, each of which is named after a car or manufacturer. Having a variety of animals allows children to pick their favorite, and also allows people to own a variety, and equip a car with a multitude of seat pets.


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