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Secret Extensions is designed to help women achieve longer, fuller hair instantly. This product consists of a hairpiece that is anchored to the wearer’s natural hair with a type of headband that is not visible to observers. Quick and easy to put on, Secret Extensions blends into the wearer’s natural hair in a seamless manner. The product stays on even during vigorous activities like dancing and swimming. Blondes, brunettes and redheads can choose from a number of shades to match their own hair color.


  • Undetectable
  • Secret Extensions fits heads of every size and shape to produce a natural look. The hairpiece lies flat against the head without bunching or gaps so that no one can tell that the wearer is using extensions.

  • Versatile
  • This product can be used to achieve any number of looks. The wearer can sport a formal updo, a casual ponytail or even curls.

  • Like Real Hair
  • Secret Extensions is made of a sturdy fiber substance that has been treated with keratin. The hairpiece behaves like real hair in the way that it moves and feels to the touch.


  • Limited Shades
  • Although this product comes in several shades, for many people, there still will not be a good color match to their own hair. It may be difficult to determine whether any of the available shades will blend well with the wearer’s natural hair color based on internet images alone.

  • One Texture
  • Secret Extensions appears to be available only in one texture. For potential buyers who have a different hair texture than that one, this product probably would not look natural on them.


  • Length
  • The hairpiece may not add length for wearers whose natural hair is long. Similarly, those who have very short hair may find it difficult to wear Secret Extensions in such a way as to hide it. The product appears to work better for people who have either bob- or shoulder-length hair.

  • Fullness
  • Some buyers report not seeing any notable increase in hair volume after putting on the one hairpiece that comes in a single box of Secret Extensions. This may be true for those whose own hair is already quite thick to begin with, or for those whose natural hair is thinner than average.

  • Styling
  • Using heat styling tools ( like flat irons ) to straighten the hairpiece may alter the texture of Secret Extensions permanently, according to some customers. It may not be possible after straightening the hairpiece to get it to hold a curl thereafter. These possibilities should be taken into consideration before any decisions about styling are made.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Remove From Box
  2. Carefully take the hairpiece out of its box. Gently shake the hairpiece out until the strands fall loosely and are free of tangles.

  3. Put On Hairpiece
  4. Stand in front of a mirror. Fit the strap of the hairpiece so that the strap goes around the crown of the head and the skein of hair goes underneath the natural hair.

  5. Blend
  6. Make sure that the hairpiece is on securely. Then, blend the hairpiece’s tendrils with the natural hair in the back, on the sides, and at the top of the head. The strap of the hairpiece should no longer be visible after this step is completed.

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