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The Secret Sizer is the revolutionary new product that allows people to close the revealing waistband of their pants. It provides people with the amazing opportunity to move freely wherever they go because their pants will not be able to fall down. This product also ensures that people will save tons of money because they will not have to constantly purchase new clothes.


  • Small
  • The Secret Sizer is extremely small in size. This means that it is easy to put on all of your pants and that it will not be uncomfortable either.

  • Easy To Apply
  • One of the best parts about the Secret Sizer is that you do not need to sew it on. It comes includes with a secret tape that makes it super easy to apply.


  • One Color
  • The Secret Sizer only comes in one single color. It comes in a dark, gray color. This means that it may not blend well with lighter color pants.

  • Limited Sizes
  • When using the Secret Sizer on your pants, it only cinches them down three sizes. Due to this fact, it may not work well on pants that are bigger in size. This also means that it may not work well with smaller pants either.


  • Button Closure
  • A flawless fit is guaranteed with the Secret Sizer because of the button closure. Owners will be able to adjust the button closure however they would like so their pants fit perfectly. It’s what makes this product so effective.

  • Adhesive
  • Thanks to the included secret adhesive, you will not have to sew the Secret Sizer onto your pants. It is iron friendly adhesive for easy application.


Are you sick of being embarrassed because your pants keep exposing your body? If so, you are in desperate need of a Secret Sizer. This product work to custom tailor an array of different bottoms include jeans, shorts, skirts and much more. People will finally be able to feel confident thanks to this product.

How It Works

The Secret Sizer is so effective because it has the ability to cinch your pants down up to three sizes. Once it has been ironed on to the back of your pants, they are ready to be worn. It is truly that easy.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Secret Sizer is different from other products on the market because it works for pants. There are many other similar products but they work for jewelry or other clothing items.


  • Perfect Fit Button Deluxe
  • The Perfect Fit Button Deluxe is also used to tailor the fit of all your pants. It works by allowing you to adjust the button closure of your pants.

  • The Ultimate Bra Strap
  • Instead of working for pants, the Ultimate Bra Strap works to concealing falling bra straps. They are comfortable and extremely easy to use.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Apply In Center
  2. It is best to apply Secret Sizer along the center of your pants. This will ensure that it cinches your pants without making them crooked.

  3. Use Hem Tape
  4. It is crucial to use them included hem tape when applying the Secret Sizer to your pants. This will allow it to remain in place when wearing your pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Machine Washable?
  • Yes, the Secret Sizer is machine washable.

  • Is It Safe For Children?
  • Yes, the Secret Sizer works great with children’s clothing.

  • Can It Be Used With Shorts?
  • Yes, the Secret Sizer can tailor the fit of your shorts, too.

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