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The Shark Sonic Duo is a versatile cleaning product that works for both carpet and hard surfaces. It is an easy way to remove stuck-on dirt that holds allergens and odors from carpet. Furthermore, the mop aspect of this cleaning device steam cleans and beautifully finishes all hard surfaces.


  • Pet Odors
  • The Shark Sonic Duo has the ability to completely eliminate all pet orders from your home. With the vacuum ability, it will remove stinky pet hair and particles. However, the mop aspect rids your home of pet stains that linger on other carpet and hard surfaces.

  • Lightweight
  • Cleaning your home with the Shark Sonic Duo is easy because it is very lightweight. You’ll be able to lift this product up stairs and around your home without the slightest bit of struggle or stress.


  • No Steam
  • The Shark Sonic Duo does not give off any kid of steam. This means that it may clean your floors but it does not effectively sanitize them.

  • Strong Solution
  • The cleaning solution that comes included with the Shark Sonic Duo is very strong. It may damage some floor types and has a strong odor.


  • Headlights
  • Along the front of Shark Sonic Duo, there is a bright headlight. This lights the way through your home as you clean. Thus, this makes it much easier for users to spot difficult-to-see stains and particles on their floor.

  • Electronic Buttons
  • The Shark Sonic Duo boasts electronic buttons. It has a button that releases the cleaning solution and one that turns the product on or off.


The Shark Sonic Duo promises a safe and serious clean in a timely manner. It works great on practically all floor types including hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate and more. This product come with multiple scrubbing speeds and reusable pads that allow users to tackle multiple jobs with amazing results.

How It Works

The Shark Sonic Duo is a revolutionary cleaner that features durable scrubbing action that effectively cleans your floors. It activates the solution to release suspended dirt and debris. This product promotes professional quality.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Shark Sonic Duo is different from other cleaning devices because it is a mop that can be used on carpet and hard surfaces. Most mops are only meant for hard surfaces and do not work on carpet.


  • H20 Mop
  • The H20 Mop is a powerful steam cleaner that works on hard surfaces, not carpet. It is a handheld device that cleans and sanitizes.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Test Floor
  2. The cleaning solution that comes with the Shark Sonic Duo is very strong. To prevent it from damaging your floor, you should test it first by applying a small amount to a non-visible part of your flooring.

  3. Wash The Pads
  4. The cleaning pads that come with the Shark Sonic Duo should be washed after each use. This will ensure that they clean well with each use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does It Clean Grout?
  • Yes, the Shark Sonic Duo is great at cleaning tile grout.

  • Are Cleaning Pads Included?
  • Yes, three cleaning pads are included with the Shark Sonic Duo.

  • Are The Pads Washable?
  • Yes, the cleaning pads are machine washable.

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