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Although it is capable of blending and juicing many things, the Shred Emulsifier is not just a blender or juicer. The durable, reliable machine will also pulverize, liquify, and emulsify fresh and frozen items. You don’t even need to slice or dice items before putting them in. The machine will make a total of 31 meals or sides and will do the work of 20 separate kitchen appliances.

How It Works

The Shred Emulsifier is very powerful due to its 2 HP motor, and its four ultra-sharp blades, which will revolve up to 30,000 times per minute. Its motor is capable of producing up to 1500 watts of power. You can put your ingredients into the Shred Emulsifier whole, as the force of the blades will suck them straight down into the carafe ( mixing container ). Their friction will even create heat, so you can use the machine to make soup under a certain setting. The machine has eight pre-programmed buttons for different dishes, and 10 different speeds, including a stirring speed so you can stir something that’s already been mixed. It will hold up to two quarts of blended, juiced, liquefied, pulverized, or emulsified ingredients.


  1. Blending Smoothies And Shakes
  2. The Shred Emulsifier will blend smoothies and shakes made out of milk, ice cream, fruits, vegetables, and / or crushed ice. Remember, the fruits and vegetables can be put in whole.

  3. Making Butters
  4. Within the Shred Emulsifier, you can grind up peanuts and / or other nuts to make nut butters.

  5. Simmering Soups
  6. On a certain setting, the machine’s blades are capable of creating heat, so you can turn your favourite vegetables into delicious soups.

  7. Creating Condiments
  8. The Shred Emulsifier can be used to whip up a variety of condiments, including salad dressings, yogurt, chocolate fondue, and various table sauces.

  9. Juicing
  10. The machine is able to create juices out of whole fruits and vegetables, while retaining the nutrients originally found within them.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Prepare The Machine
  2. Attach the carafe to the motor and plug the Shred Emulsifier into an electrical outlet.

  3. Prepare Ingredients
  4. Put all the ingredients you want to use for the dish you're making in the carafe.

  5. Close The Carafe
  6. Make sure the lid and cap are on the carafe so you don't experience an ingredient explosion.

  7. Choose A Setting
  8. Choose one of the pre-programmed settings and start up the machine. Each setting has its own pre-set time limit, and under some settings, the machine will pause and start again on its own. If you don't think the Shred Emulsifier has done enough to your ingredients after one cycle of a setting, feel free to press the button and run it again.

  9. Serve
  10. Pour your creation into a bowl or drinking glass and enjoy.

  11. Clean The Machine
  12. Wash the carafe, lid, and cap by hand as they are not dishwasher safe. Clean the blades by filling the carafe with soapy warm water and attaching it to the base as you would when mixing ingredients. Turn the machine on, set it to a speed of eight, and press emulsify. Let it run on this setting for about a minute.

  13. Unplug Machine
  14. When you're done using the Shred Emulsifier, unplug it to save power.

Positive Points

  • Bpa-free Plastic
  • The Shred Emulsifier is made with plastic that is free of potentially harmful chemicals.

  • Retains Nutrients
  • The machine ensures that any ingredients it mixes up in any way retain their essential nutrients, such as fiber and vitamins, so you still receive their health benefits.

  • Encourages Healthy Eating
  • The Shred Emulsifier makes it so easy to blend up fruits and vegetables in many different ways that you're bound to eat them more often. This may lead to weight loss.

  • Comes With Recipe Book
  • Especially helpful for those without much experience in the kitchen, the machine comes with a book of healthy recipes.

  • Frees Up Counter Space
  • Since the Shred Emulsifier will do the jobs of 20 appliances ( including those of a grater or shredder ), you won't need to purchase as many machines. Therefore, you will have more counter space.

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The Truth About Shred Emulsifier

Best | Durham, NC | 30 Jul 2014

The best I ever bought.

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Kim02 Aug 2014

What blenders did you buy before?

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