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The SitNCycle is a convenient way to get your exercise in while in the comfort of your own home. You simply sit on the saddle-like seat and cycle. It makes exercising effortless, while providing cardio at a mild to moderate rate. SItNCycle doesn’t take up much room in your home and will provide you with your exercising needs at any time of the day.


  • Unique Design
  • The SitNCycle has 8 settings and provides a hands free design that helps you to sit up straight. It helps develop your core while you lose weight and burn calories. Its design is attractive and takes up little room.

  • Portable
  • Its light weight and portable design makes it easy to move to any part of your house for easy cycling. This allows for endless options on storage and placement in your home. It can be used on hard floors or carpet.


  • Heavy For Some
  • Although it is lightweight for many people, it may not be light enough for an elderly person or someone with weight restrictions. Lifting 34 pounds can be difficult for people with these restrictions, or for the elderly. Assistance with moving this product may be needed for those who are unable to lift 34 pounds.

  • Assembly Required
  • There is some assembly required with this product. Several pieces need to be attached, including the pedals. When attaching them, make sure you do it according to the instructions to minimize the risk of injury.


  • Many Colors
  • It is available in six stylish colors, which makes it easy to match your home décor. The colors are black, pink, red, blue, orange and grey; with this many options, you will certainly be able to find one to match the color scheme in your home. This makes the SitNCycle a very attractive piece of exercise equipment that blends in well with your furniture.

  • Ease Of Use
  • The SitNCycle is easy to use and is low enough to the ground that it feels like sitting in a chair. However, while sitting on this product - you’re cycling and burning calories. You can use it while on the computer, reading a book, or watching t. V. This makes for a very comfortable exercise routine that you can enjoy, without feeling as though you are sacrificing time for your workout. Its height also makes it easy on your knees when in use and helps with back posture.


This product is geared towards baby boomers and active seniors. It helps you burn calories while engaging in otherwise sedentary activities. SitNCycle helps build your leg muscles while you cycle, and gives you better posture simultaneously. The SitNCycle builds your core with its no handles design while you exercise. Thus, it is perfect for anyone who needs to exercise in their home.

How It Works

By sitting in the saddle like seat designed for comfort, you can cycle the pedals and get your exercise. 8 different tensions make it easy to adjust the tension with a turn of a nob. The flat pedal design and adjustable seat make it perfect for all heights.

How it's Different from Competitors

The no handle design eliminates the need for bending, like a regular stationary cycle, which can hurt your back. SitNCycle actually helps your core and improves your posture. Ordinary stationary bikes are bulky and take up lots of space. However, the SitNCycle is compact and portable.


  • Nordic Track
  • The Nordic Track stationary bike has a water bottle holder, adjustable handle bars and an adjustable seat. It has two wheels and adjustable speeds. There is in home delivery offered for this product, which includes an in-home custom set up.

  • Gym Membership
  • Every gym has some form of stationary bike, along with other equipment that will help you exercise and stay fit. Gyms can offer you training on equipment that you’re not familiar with, exposing you to more types of exercises. It can also provide you with a personal trainer for cardio and other workout routines.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Adjust The Levels
  2. When you start working out, adjust the levels and tensions until you find the level most comfortable for you. If you’re just starting out, start slow and work your way into a more intense workout. Do not strain yourself in the beginning, as this can increase your chance of injury.

  3. Read The Instructions
  4. Make sure you read the instructions on putting it together. This way, you will ensure the product is safe for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are There Special Pedals?
  • There are large flat pedals with special grips on them. These grips helps to hold your feet in place.

  • How Much Can You Use It?
  • You can use the SitNCycle as much or as little as you like. It’s designed to go easy on your knees and back. Using it often will help you burn calories and lose weight.


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