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Sleevey magic works wonders for the arms as it provides with a toned appearance and hides imperfections. It is comfortable which allows users to be confident and stylish no matter where they are going. This product is also great for people who need to cover their tattoos for important job interviews or other formal affairs.


  • Comfortable
  • Made with luxurious and quality materials, the sleevey magic is the epitome of comfortable. Whether you are going to work or a high-class party, this product is great for all day wear as it leaves you feeling comfortable and confident.

  • Effective
  • The sleevey magic allows people to transform their arms from flab to fab instantly. Furthermore, it gives their arms a toned a shapely appearance. This product also hides blemishes, scars and even tattoos for stylish coverage that everyone desires.


  • Color
  • The sleevey magic boasts a subtle hint of color. This means that it may not coordinate well with certain outfits or particular skin tones.

  • Warm
  • When the weather is hot, the sleevey magic may not be the best choice. It covers arms which means that it keeps in heat and that can have people feeling rather uncomfortable.


  • Compression Material
  • The sleevey magic features super soft stretch material with advanced compression technology. This is what makes it so effective when it comes to providing people with more toned arms and a shapely appearance that everyone will take notice of.

  • Reversible
  • The sleevey magic features reversible style to create the perfect look with any outfit. Both the white and black colors reverse to elegant lace.


The sleevey magic provides people with the comfort, confidence and style that the have been looking for. It is made with a super soft stretch material with advanced compression technology for maximum effectiveness. This product gives users arms a toned appearance while hiding any visible imperfections. Works with any sleeveless garment.

How It Works

The sleevey magic fastens easily under the bust to provide people with the coverage that they desire. It easily fastens easily under the bust for comfort and easy dressing.

How it's Different from Competitors

Sleevey magic is different from any other product on the market because it is both comfortable and effective. Not only will people love wearing this product but they will be proud to show off their newly toned and slimmer arms.


  • Amazing Arms
  • The amazing arms product also works to smooth and tone arms with stretchy, mesh material. It works due to its revolutionary four way stretch technology.

  • Wingz
  • Wingz are worn as an undergarment to provide arm coverage and transform your clothing into a whole new outfit. Unlike sleevey magic, they are loose rather than form fitting.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Coordinate Colors
  2. For a great appearance, coordinate the color of your Sleevey Magic with your outfit of the day. This will ensure that you look well put together and extra stylish.

  3. Hand Wash
  4. It is best to hand wash your sleevey magic after each use. Use a touch of warm water and soap while gently hand washing the product. This will keep them clean and refreshed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are They Comfortable?
  • Thanks to the mesh material, the sleevey magic is very comfortable.

  • Where Does It Fasten?
  • The sleevey magic fastens right under the bust. It can also be reversed to close where a bra is normally fastened.

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Really Like These, Better Than Amazing Arms

Kimberly | Columbus, OH | 13 Nov 2014

I love these! ! ! They totally work. Personally, I will not wear anything sleeveless without a jacket over it but I live in a desert climate and thick fabrics can get uncomfortably hot, so I really like sleevey magic because it's breathable fabric that I can wear it under all sleeveless dresses, blouses and tanks. Anyway, in addition to covering up ( my arms are a little untoned and have a scar I prefer to have covered ) it also adds to my wardrobe because it changes the look of stuff I already own. What's cool is you can reverse it for a scoop neckline or a v neckline. The quality / fit of sleevey magic are better than some other brands I've tried, they're the only ones I would purchase again.

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