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In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. Slim 24 Seven is a diet aid that will help you with this, as it will reduce your cravings for unhealthy snacks that contribute to high daily calorie counts. This product will allow for the loss of up to three times the amount of weight you'd lose by dieting alone.

How It Works

Slim 24 Seven comes in patch form, and you can apply the patch anywhere on your body, including over your belly button. Once applied, the diet aid’s effects will take place immediately, as the transdermal time-release technology sends its ingredients into your bloodstream to be absorbed. There, the ingredients will bind with any fat consumed to reduce the amount of fat the body is able to absorb. Instead of absorbing all the fat that is put into it, your body will instead release some of the fat through your digestive system. When your body is absorbing less fat, this prevents weight gain and allows for weight loss if you keep your calorie counts down.

Positive Points

  • Contains Natural Ingredients
  • Slim 24 Seven contains no toxic chemical ingredients. Instead, it is a combination of natural herbs that help with weight loss, including green tea extract, turmeric, and a recently added herb, opuntia ficus-indica.

  • Decreases Appetite
  • The ingredients within Slim 24 Seven will make you feel less hungry, so you'll feel the desire to eat less often, and when you do eat, you'll likely eat less.

  • Increases Energy
  • Slim 24 Seven's combination of ingredients will also increase your energy level. If you exercise, this will give you the motivation to do it for longer and more intensely, which will also help with your weight loss. It'll also contribute to increased performance during any of your daily tasks.

  • Works All Day
  • Once you put on your Slim 24 Seven patch, it will start working almost immediately and continue to deliver the same effects all day, even as you sleep.

  • Soft And Flexible
  • This weight-loss patch is made of soft, flexible material, so it won't feel uncomfortable as you wear it.

  • Can Be Hidden
  • Since the Slim 24 Seven patch can be applied to any part of your body, you can discreetly slip it under your clothing when wearing it out in public. That way, no one will know it's there but you.

  • Improves Hdl And Ldl Ratios
  • This diet aid helps balance the levels of HDL ( good cholesterol ) and LDL (bad cholesterol) within your body, so you'll be less likely to experience cholesterol-related health problems.

  • Reduces Stress
  • This product has been shown to reduce stress. With reduced stress, your mood will improve, and you may become more successful in your career and within any recreational activities you partake in.

Critical Advice

While you don't have to purposely follow a healthy diet or engage in an exercise routine while wearing Slim 24 Seven, you will achieve optimum results if you do.


  • Diet Pills
  • Diet pills will allow you to lose some weight, but you'll only absorb a percentage of the ingredients, and will have to digest the pills to do so. On the other hand, Slim 24 Seven will start working quickly without needing time for digestion, and you'll be able to absorb each ingredient fully.

  • Drinks And Sprays
  • Diet drinks and sprays are trendy these days because they allow for quick and full absorption, too, but these products can be a pain to carry around. The small Slim 24 Seven patch is much more convenient.

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