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SlimPanties360 gives you comfort of regular panties with the support and slimming effect of shape wear. If you are looking for an elegant shaper with perfect and quality features to provide tummy and waist control, then SlimPanties360 is the best choice for you. It will give you fit and toned up body shape that will leave everyone looking. Its unrivaled stylish design makes you use it happily and easily. This product is as easy to use as your regular panties. The greatest advantage is when you are going to a party and you want to look two size smaller, to fit into your favorite dress, then you can really make us of these panties.


  • Compression Panels
  • It has high compression front panel which instantly hides the excess fatty mass accumulated around your tummy and back. This extra wide compression panel also gives support to front and back of the abdomen. The side compression panels are for tightening the skin from the sides, and work to give you a slimmer look.

  • Silicone Bands
  • This product has silicone bands for no slip and perfect fit. The bands hold, the panty in its place and do not allow it to roll down or slip from its place. This playing a major role in giving a slim and smart look to the body. Also it is seamless, making the panties much more comfortable.

  • Hooks, Buttons And Zippers
  • SlimPanties360 is based on compression panels which gives the abdomen a slim look in seconds. The panties do not use hooks, buttons, seams or zippers for tightening effect. As a result, the person wearing the panties feels much more comfortable and relaxed. Also because of no hooks, buttons, seams or zipper, the body doesn’t get any hook or button marks.

  • Breathable Fabric
  • This product is made up of very high quality ultra-breathable fabric. The benefit of this fabric is that it keeps you cool and dry. It allows the air to move in and out thus allowing these panties to remove heat generated by the body and producing a cooling effect. Due to breathable soft fabric no sweat is produced inside the SlimPanties360, making it a comfortable choice.

  • Sizes
  • These panties are available in sizes that fits you best no matter what you body structure is.


  • No Slip
  • As the panties don’t slip or fold down, you can wear them outdoor without any fear that you will have to constantly pull them up.

  • Seamless
  • These panties are seamless so freeing you from the discomfort of visibility of something below your clothes. If you are wearing a body-hugging dress, these panties are the perfect choice.

  • Instantly Shapes
  • The panties instantly shapes the body by hiding excess fats and unsightly bulges. You can head out knowing that you look good.

  • Lifts And Tones The Buttocks
  • Compression bands compress the body from the back which lifts and tones the buttocks, allowing a perfect slim look from the back.

  • Support
  • SlimPanties360 gives extra support to the body by covering entire waist and abdomen. In this way you will not get tired even if you work the whole day without rest. It’s a great choice for ladies at home and also for women working all day long sitting in office.

  • No Hooks And Zippers
  • The product is made of fine soft fabric with no hooks, buttons, zippers used. So to get in shape you do not need to bear hook marks and zippers itching.

  • Great Sexy Look
  • By making you look two sizes smaller by just wearing the panties, this product gives you a great, smarter and rather sexy look all day long. This will keep you more energetic and happy as you go about your daily tasks.


  • If You Are Pregnant
  • Do not use SlimPanties360 if you are 3 months or greater in pregnancy. As the product compresses the abdomen, it can cause harm to the baby.

  • Hernia
  • SlimPanties360 is not a good choice if you have hernia or some similar problem. You should definitely see a doctor for these issues before putting on these panties.


If you are tired of bumps, lumps and bulges on wearing fitted clothes, try these slim panties. It is an amazing undergarment that is as comfortable as regular panties, gives support and instant slimming effect. The product hides excess amount of fat from abdomen, buttock and also your back. Their 360 degrees compression flattens your stomach, molds the body, tightens loose skin and lifts and tones your buttocks. Consequently, it making you look slim and lean. In a matter of a few seconds, you look good, no matter what you are wearing.

How It Works

It works in seconds by hiding excess fats due to its high compression front panel. The panties hide unsightly bulges thus tightening the skin due to its side compression panels. A perfect fit is given by non slip silicone band, thus it will never roll down, rather the panties will be held tightly in place and gives a smooth look above clothes. SlimPanties also gives you slimmer and smoother look as it has no seams, buttons, zippers or hooks. No bulges mean no body can guess that you are wearing something to produce that slimmer look.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Wear It
  2. Just wear it like regular panties covering your entire front and back.

  3. Wear The Dress
  4. Now just put on your clothes over the panties.

  5. Feel The Slim Look
  6. You will see a prominent difference before and after wearing these amazing panties. It will give you a perfect shaped body you always dreamed of.

Save Time

Shape wears are not easy to wear and need much of your time. However, when we want a slimmer perfect shaped body in seconds, these slimming panties are just a blessing. Also, they are helpful when you want to be fit in a dress which is two sizes smaller. Putting on the panties takes less than a minute. Losing weight and getting rid of excess fat is always a good idea but dieting and exercising take effect after a long time. If you just want to look good in a party and are pressed for time, these panties are the best option.

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Not True Advertising

Chris | Littleton, CO | 09 May 2017

Ordered March 6, called in April 2, told was Backordered, got emailed on May 4 order cancelled. No longer available. It is the main item they sell, how can it no longer be available?

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Were is my Order

Eulandria Phillips | Huntsville, AL | 13 Apr 2017

I have not received my order.

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