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Snackeez is the innovative cup and bowl combination that allows you to have your drink and a snack in one hand. It will hold a 16oz soda in the cup section while still leaving room for a 4 oz snack. Everything seals tightly shut to avoids spillages.


  1. Snacking In The Car
  2. Long journeys often mean having to bring along juice and snacks to keep the kids happy. Most parents know that means a mess in the back seat. With Snackeez, everything is sealed away neatly to prevent spills.

  3. Snacking On The Couch
  4. Family movie nights are great, but who wants to deal with popcorn in between the couch cushions and soda stains on the floor. Give everyone a Snackeez cup and this could be a thing of the past.

  5. Snacking In The Park
  6. Days out at the park need not mean splashing out on ice creams. Take along some healthy snacks and juice in your Snackeez instead.

  7. Snacking At Parties
  8. When kids get together it isn't long before mess follows in their wake. Give each party guest their party treats in a Snackeez and avoid party fouls.

How it's Different from Competitors

There is nothing like the Snackeez cup. Competitors have non spill drinks bottles and clip lock snack boxes, but none have combined the two so successfully. With Snackeez you can grab your drink and your snack in just one hand. It's quick and it's convenient. Each Snackessz cup holds a 16oz soda and a 4oz snack - that's the equivalent of a whole bag of chips.


  • Keeps Snacks Fresh
  • The snack section seals shut securely to keep your snacks fresh. No more soggy chips. Even fruit will stay fresh and delicious.

  • Prevents Spillages
  • Not only does the food section seal shut, but the straw also has a cap to help prevent any spillages if the cup is dropped or knocked over.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Caring for the Snackeez cup is easy because it is completely dishwasher safe. Just pop your empty Snackeez into the dishwasher and it will come out clean and ready for use.

  • Looks Great
  • The Snackeez comes in a range of beautiful colour combinations which make it really cool to look at. Will you choose Pink & Blue, Orange & Purple, Green & Blue or Orange & Green?


The infomercial for this product is full of lots of useful information. Check out the suggestions for how and where to use your Snackeez cup. You will see that people of all ages are enjoying the Snackeez, it's not just for little kids. Lot; s of adult are taking the Snackeez to work with breakfast or an afternoon snack stored inside.

Easy to Use

  1. Pour Your Drink
  2. Start off by pouring 16oz of your favourite drink into the cup section of your Snackeez.

  3. Add Your Snacks
  4. Add 4oz of your snack. You can choose anything including chips, fruit or candy.

  5. Click Together
  6. Click both parts together. The Snack cup fits snugly on top of the drinks cup.

  7. Flip It Closed
  8. Flip closed the hinged lid and seal everything inside. It's really that easy.

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