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The Snuggie Tails blankets are fun blankets that are meant for kids. They come in a variety of stylish animals and characters, making them a great gift for kids to keep warm and have fun.


Snuggie Tails blankets are fleece wraps for kids which not only offer underwater characters but have one end completely enclosed like sleeping bags. Kids can use them to wrap up as a blanket, to done as a new character, or to sleep in as a sleeping bag.

Positive Points

  • Variety
  • The company offers a pink mermaid, blue mermaid, alligator, rainbow fish, orca whale, penguin, dolphin, shark, or clown fish. Such variety ensures both boys and girls can enjoy the creatures.

  • One Size
  • One size fits all so long as the child is 5 feet tall or under, which makes it great for kids of all ages.

  • Flexible
  • Making relaxation a fun activity, these blankets can hold active children, so kids can put one on and then run around the house wearing it.

  • Warranty
  • The offer comes with a 30 day money back guarantee for any dissatisfied consumer. However, this return does not include shipping and handling costs.

  • Bbb Rating
  • The offer seems to be worth it, especially given that the many consumers who have left reviews give the product a positive review and numerical or star based rating. What’s more, the company holds an “A” rating from the BBB as of this writing which reflects well on its operations.

Negative Points

  • Not Too Active Though...
  • While it states that active kids can use it, some children who wear the Snuggie Tails blanket while jumping and playing will rip or tear a hole in the stitching. This is not to suggest that the advertisement is false or misleading. Rather that children need to be reminded that it is a blanket and not a toy in which they can use while running around.

  • Surcharge
  • Anyone who wants to send this product to Alaska, Hawaii, the u. S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico or Canada has to pay extra shipping which is kind of a bummer.

  • Taxes
  • The company also charges for state tax in Nevada, California, New York, and Connecticut.


  • Many Characters
  • They are offered in many characters, unlike the competing products.

  • Multiple Uses
  • They are not just blankets nor are they just a sleeping bag, but instead they are both. This makes them a lot more flexible.

  • Machine Washable
  • They can be put in the washing machine whenever they are dirty.

  • Soft
  • They are crafted out of fleece which is incredibly soft.


  • Blankie Tails
  • In spite of the name being used regularly, specifically as a blanket, the term “Snuggie Tails” is a knockoff of the alternative product “Blankie Tails”. The alternative company points out that it is the original shark and mermaid blankets, alongside underwater character blankets which are intended for children. This blanket comes highly rated by consumers. It charges just under forty dollars per blanket. This official website was registered six months prior to the “Snuggie Tails” product, which suggests that it did in fact come first.

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Death Trap for Kids

Firefighter | Hopewell, VA | 21 Mar 2017

No way to quickly exit these things! Kids trapped inside in case of emergency. Kids are hard enough to wake and evacuate without them being in a bag!

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Jennifer | Fort Huachuca, AZ | 01 Sep 2016

Ordered 7 / 21, was told delivery would be 8/1, then told 9/14, then told 9/29, then told 10/21. Just cancelled. Sad I was also told no tails were currently available. How do you sell something that is not available?

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