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Speed Abs is a workout machine for your abs that utilizes a coil and recoil method for toning your abs. The makers of Iron Gym invented this ab machine to make working on your core easy and fast. It only takes a few minutes a day to utilize this abs workout. Super resistance allows you to tighten, strengthen and tone your abs in one swift but controlled movement. Additionally, the rubber design is meant to keep your form in order to minimize the risk of injuries.


  • Steel Resistance Core
  • The core of this abs machine includes steel resistance. This means the Speed Abs machine will help with resistance when needed, and will assist you on the way up from your workout position. Thus, such a method helps keep your spine aligned while allowing you to focus on your core and direction.

  • Non-skid Tire
  • The outer design of the Speed Abs machine is like that of a tire. It is wide and made of non-skid material, helping you maintain your balance and maneuver yourself in more than one direction. Since Speed Abs is wide, you have better stability than with other ab machines, ensuring focus remains on your center instead of trying to keep your balance.


  • Rubber Handles
  • To ensure you get a good grip during your entire workout, Speed Abs has fully rubberized handles. These will help you stay in position during the whole routine. Additionally, your hands will be less tired, since you will need to exert less energy to keep them in place.

  • Works On Any Floor
  • You can use Speed Abs on any floor surface. This means it does not matter whether you have a carpeted or hardwood floor – you can still get a full ab workout from the comfort of your home. Its tire-like design gives it the versatility to be comfortably used on any flat floor surface.


  • Must Be Consistent
  • In order for this machine to work, you must be willing to use it consistently. While it comes with great features, they are of no use if the user does not actually utilize this machine. Create a workout routine and stick with it for maximum results.

  • May Be Too Hard
  • For those that have previous back injuries or are very out of shape, this abs machine might be too difficult to use. Consult your doctor to ensure it is safe for you to use this workout equipment.

How It Works

Grab the rubber handles and place your knees on the provided knee pad. As you roll yourself out, the wide, non-skid tire will move forward. When this happens, the inner steel resistance core will activate, making it harder for you to move forward. Once you pull back up, the maneuver becomes easier as the resistance unwinds inside of the machine. This process repeats each time you roll forward and backwards.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Roll Sideways
  2. Do not just roll forwards and backwards. This machine also allows you to easily maneuver your body towards the left and right. Make sure to utilize this feature for a full ab workout.


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