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Speed Out removes a stripped out screw in seconds. By drilling through the stripped head and then turning the bit to the remover, it will remove the screw in under 10 seconds. It’s so simple that if you can use a drill - you can use speed out.


  • Removes In 10 Seconds
  • By using this tool, you can remove any stripped out screw, or screw with a broken head, in ten seconds. It’s easy that use and is made with durable hardened steel.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • There is a lifetime warranty that states “if it breaks, we will replace it”. It’s made with durable hardened steel that is truly hard to break.


  • Not Available In Stores
  • The Speed Out is not currently available in stores yet, so when you’re ready to order - you have to go online and visit there site.

  • Doesn’t Always Work
  • There have been many complaints that the drill bit broke the very first time they used it. Additionally, it didn’t break in the usual way - but by splitting completely down the middle of the bit. This is not a good sign, since it states that it will withstand most tension.


  • Removes Painted On Screws
  • The Speed Out is designed to removes screws that have been stripped or painted on. Additionally, the functionality of the tool is to first drill a hole to attach to, then flip to the extractor bit to extract the screw.

  • Easy To Use
  • The Speed Out is supposed to be easy to use. You insert the drill bit in, run the bit on low speed and flip the bit to the extractor end. Then, you run it on slow to draw the stripped screw out.


Speed Out can easily remove any stripped screw or broken bolt in ten seconds or less. It’s easy to use for boat owners, hobbyists and wood workers. This product is simple and easy to use for extracting bolts and screws.

How It Works

You insert the drill bit into the top of the screw or bolt, and drill a hole into the top. Once that is done, you flip the drill bit over to the extractor bit and insert into the hole. Then, use it on a low speed to extract the screw or bolt out of the item it is stuck in.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Speed Out fits any type of drill and can extract screws and bolts of any size. Other products are designed for specific size screws and bolts. It also can remove any screw or bolt that has the head broken off of it.


  • Erwin Bolt Extractor Set
  • This comes in sizes 3 / 8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8", and there are five bits. It works just like the speed out with a drill.

  • Precision Screw Remover Pliers
  • These are pliers that remove screws, unlike how the Speed Out does it - they remove them with the grip of your hands.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use The Drill On Low Speed
  2. When using the drill to drill into the screw or bolt, use it on low. This will prevent from breaking the drill bit. Additionally, when extracting - do the same so you don’t break the screw, bolt, or drill bit.

  3. Keep Away From Kids
  4. Kids will play with the drill bits and can get hurt. Do not let children play with the drill or drill bits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Screws Does It Remove?
  • The Speed Out works great with philips head, flat head, hex, and painted over screws or bolts. It is guaranteed to extract them in ten seconds or less.

  • Is There A Guarantee?
  • Yes, there is a thirty day money back guarantee. Simply call customer service to return the speed out.

  • Does It Work On Machines?
  • Yes, it works on wood and machine screws.


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